A beautiful interaction with Sofia

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It has been a long time since I visited my aunts Miss Mary and her younger sister Julia. They also had an adopted girl whose name was Sofia. I never really liked Miss Mary because she was very bossy and had a false pride. But Miss Julia was very close and loved me a lot. I also liked to play with Sofia as she was just 1 year younger than me. They lived in the other part of the town and it took three long hours to go to their place. So one day I decided that I would visit them.

Beautiful Girl

I left my house at 4 p.m. and by the time I reached their house, it was nearly 7:30. On reaching the porch I heard screams and crying coming from the inside of the house. I got very frightened and rushed in. As I entered the house I saw a broken vase on the floor and Sofia lying next to it and crying. Aunt Mary was standing next to her with a cane in her hand but as she saw me she gave a smile and said “How are you Mimi, it has been a long time since you visited us!!”. That false reaction of Aunt Mary infuriated me a lot more but I was able to control my temper. She asked me to sit on the sofa as she went to prepare some snacks for me. As she left I went and sat down beside Sofia.

“What happened Sofia. Why are you crying?”

“Miss Mary doesn’t love me at all” she said sobbing. “Every time I do something wrong, she beats me with a stick and scolds me”.

As we were talking, Aunt Julia came and said:” I also don’t like to see Sofia get beaten and scolded every day, but she is my older sister, I dare not say a word against her”.

I made up my mind that Sofia would get very sad and upset if she continued to stay with them. So I called my parents and asked them if Sofia can come and stay with us. Also, I longed for a younger sibling for a long time and finally, my wish could come true. After a lot of convincing, they finally said yes and I was very happy. I told Aunt Mary and Aunt Julia that Sofia would stay with us

from now on. Both of my aunts were happy with the decision although I could see Aunt Mary’s face go red with anger.

I told Sofia” From now on you are going to stay with me and my parents”. Her eyes glowed and she jumped on me and hugged me tightly. I was very happy as Sofia was to stay with us from now on.

“I’ll still come and visit you often,” said Sofia. The simplicity and innocence of Sofia impressed me and made me love her even more. After dinner, my car came and we both went to my house waving goodbye to Aunt Mary and Julia.

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