Karna, The Perfect Donor

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Once upon a time there was a village named anga. A person named Partha was roaming on the streets and he observed a strange thing.  On almost every shop, it was written “Donated by Karna”. Janardhan, King of Dwaraka, accompanied Partha to village Anga.  

Karna with Ghatotkacha – Wikipedia.org

Partha: Janardhana!! Did you observe the boards of the shops?? Even in our kingdom, we also donate. But, I haven’t seen anything of this sort.

Janardhan(Smiling): Yes, I heard a lot about the kindheartedness of Karna, king of Anga.   There was a famous incident depicting his very same nature. 

Once when Karna was going somewhere in his chariot, Indra came and asked him his shield. It protected Karna from anything hitting directly on his ribcage and that shield was on him right from his birth almost attached to his skin.  Instead of thinking  for a second, Karna agreed to give them and he tore the shield. That shield tore opening his skin and blooded shield was handed over to Indra. Indra was very impressed. He blessed karna with a special weapon. 

Partha:I want to  witness his kindheartedness (daanagunam) and would check why I am not being called so kindhearted when the donations were same, infact even more. 

Janardhan(smiles): Okay, lets call Karna too. 

Janardhan took them to a place where there was a hill. The speciality of that hill was , when digged, one can get gold. He turned to both of them and told to distribute them.  What is your plan??

Partha: I would dig the whole hill and distribute equally among all the  people.

Karna: I would call one from every family and ask them to take how much they want. 

Janardhan: smiled and patted karna.  

Moral: When you are donating something, you should never donate calculatedly. What all you can give, give it without thinking anything.

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