Suyodhan – The Master of Nonsense

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And the Best Nonsense Speaker award goes to Suyodhan. 

Suyodhan –

A Talent show is being conducted in Delhi among students of dronacharya Academy. All talents are being given a chance. Hot favourites of the competition are Bheem and Arjun. The first candidate is Yudhisthir.   

Next competiton announced between bheem and suyodhan in wrestling. Both are like baahubali and bhallaladeva, similar in built, talent except for one thing. Bheem stands for right and suyodhan by default stands for wrong. 

Now, both of them entered the arena and started fighting with each other. The fight became so serious that the organisers thought if it is not stopped now, it will continue till one of them dies. So, they declared a draw.  Bheem and Suyodhan went to back to their places. Suyodhan was not happy. 

All his thoughts disturbed with the huge applause and cheering from the audience and what he sees is the entry of Arjun. 

Arjun is a perfect combination of talent and humility. Words cannot explain his archery; it can only be made understood by citing expressions. The way berkely composes instrumental of A.R. Rahman Roja songs, Swag of roger moore, elegance of platinum, pace of cheetah. 

He enters the arena and starts shooting arrows and everybody is mesmerized with the skill.  Suddenly from nowhere one person comes up and shoots arrows with equal swiftness of Arjun. 

Arjun stops and looks at the person and before he can say anything, the stranger challenges Arjun by shooting an arrow. The competition grew interesting and everybody is watching without a blink of eye. Both of them are shooting the targets equally and the stranger shot an arrow which made the atmosphere so dark as if the sky covered itself with clouds and no one can see anything and only the stranger is shining which makes everyone awestruck. 

Before the stranger throws another arrow, Guru Drona enters and stops him and says that this is not at all a way to enter the arena and asks the stranger leave the arena.

Suyodhan as usual interrupts Guruji and talks all the nonsense in the world. 

Suyodhan: guruji, please tell me the reason why the talented stranger is not allowed to continue?? Dear stranger, please tell us your name.

Stranger: Myself, Karan.

Suyodhan(nods and continues looking Drona): If it is because he is not enrolled from our academy, I can give you really strong examples of people who are not enrolled yet, are now heads of the academy.

Vyas, the literature head, no one knows how he got to that position and Bheeshma, the director head, teaches management, there is no document supporting his enrolment. 

Drona: Suyodhan, you moron, Lemme tell you, the topic of discussion is not at all how the heads got their positions; it is the etiquettes one is supposed to follow to participate in the show; One just cannot bash in when someone else is performing without prior and proper intimation.  It would have been very fine if that stranger had let the organizer know that he wants to challenge arjun and we would have allowed it. 

This is not some roadside circus that anybody can come and behave the way they want. 

Drona left for award ceremony.

Seeing this, on the last minute, before the show closes the organizers thought of this special award for Suyodhan.     

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