An Ideal Son – A Play

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Characters in the play:
Mother of Ajay, Suma
Vinatha, Chakri’s mom
Surasa, Vinatha’s sister, mother of 10 kids. 
Supervisor of the museum, indra.

ACT 2: Hall in Surasa’s House.
ACT 3: Museum hallway
Act 4: Ajay is about to sleep.


Suma is back after visiting school; very upset on ajay whom she saw betting;
Ajay: Mom, I won a bet today. 
Mom, Suma(controlling anger): wow, Ajay, I made carrot halwa for you and because you won the bet, I am not going to give you sweet.
Ajay (bewildered): opens mouth in shock… smile gets narrowed. 
Mom: smiles and starts eating halwa by teasing ajay. 
Ajay starts crying… Mom pacifies ajay and gives him halwa. Ajay starts eating and after some time asks mom about why she was not happy when he won the bet and what’s wrong with betting.
Mom (inhales deeply): I will tell you a story and then you will understand. 

ACT 2: Hall in Surasa’s House.

Vinatha is cleaning the house and Surasa is getting her 10 kids ready for school; Chakri 7 ft tall, handsome face, intelligent yet humble, in short if perfection is given a human form, it will be Chakri; enters.
Chakri: Aunt Surasa, Car is ready.
Aunt Surasa: ok; take your brothers’ bags and lunch box and drop them at school and do whatever they say.  
Chakri collects their baggage and helps cousins get in the car as they are not even 4 ft tall, very lean. He drops them at school, parks the car and sits under a tree and starts reading books. 
Cousins(command): Chakri, complete the assignments and finish the homework in one hour after the school hours, take us on a drive to a different route. 
Chakri finishes the homework and assignments and when cousins arrive, asks them where to go. 
Cousins: to the museum.
Chakri takes them to museum and waits outside. Cousins go inside and break certain things; authorities throw all 10 kids outside. They go as if nothing happened to chakri and tell him to go home. 
Aunt Surasa: how was the day, kids?
Cousins(crying): mom, we went to the museum and we were thrown out of the museum and Chakri laughed at us.
Aunt surasa angrily scolds chakri without even bothering to ask him what exactly happened and after that chakri gets sad and angry at the same time; goes to  his mother vinatha. 
Chakri: Mom, why are we living like this?? You live like a maid in your own sister’s house and I am being made a slave to my brothers and without any reason, I am getting punished. 
Vinatha(cries): I am sorry, Chakri. I am sorry. All this is because of me and my stupidity while betting with my sister, Surasa. Long time ago, when we used to live at your grandma’s place, many horses used to pass our house and we bet on colour of horse’s tail. I said it’s white and your aunt went for black; horse is pure white and tail somehow is very black. I lost the bet and she told me not to say no to her for 10 years. You were with your father then and you came back after 1 year. Still, we have 4 more years to go.
Chakri: Don’t worry mom. I will solve this. 
Chakri: my dear brothers, I want to end this slavery. Please tell me what should I do for this. 
Cousins: get us the blue diamond in the museum and we will set you free. Chakri says ok and goes to his mom and says the same thing. 

ACT 3: Museum hallway

Chakri goes to the museum and examines the security concerning the blue diamond and decides to get it the next day as the other day will not be open for common public. 
Chakri observes that diamond is placed in such a way that no hand can go touch it as it has infra red beams of poison and even if one manages to pass the beams, as soon as you lay the hands on diamond, fire will be blown on hand.  Seeing this, he cut of the power that comes to the beams and he took a big bucket of water and threw it on the diamond.  As it fell on  museum.
Supervisor Indra: Chakri, I don’t believe you are doing this; I want to know the reason behind this before I call the cops. 
Chakri explains the bet that his mom and his aunt underwent and his cousins deal with the diamond. 
Indra: thinks for some time and says: I know I cannot fight with you but I cannot let you do this. So, I have come up with this idea with which your cousins will get punished. 
Take the diamond and go to your cousins, Place it on a table infront of them and leave from that place as soon as they lay their hands on that, cops will come and arrest them. 

Act 4: Ajay is about to sleep

Scene: Mom wiped the tears of Ajay, fed him dinner and putting him to sleep.
Ajay: Mom, is it real or story??
Mom: keeping aside the actuality, what do you think about betting now??
Ajay: well, Chakri did suffer a lot because of his mom losing bet, but, I would not be betting on bigger things na??
Mom: it all starts with a single thing, remember on the colour of the horse tail. 
Ajay: hmmm…. 
Mom: remember bet is a nasty thing; you can say you lost a competition, no big deal; imagine saying losing a bet….. ugh… disgusting. 
Ajay: Mom, help me like this always, I will not bet again. 

Curtains Close….

Take Away: Betting is injurious to career.

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