Can Ananya Become An Indian Cop?

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ANANYA (Fictitious name): “Dad, my dream has come true! I’ve been selected for an IPS officer’s post.”

What will you do after becoming a Police officer? Don’t forget, you are an MBA degree holder. You can easily get a good job with a fat salary package.”

“You mean those women cops are fool working day and night to secure our lives? Yes, I did MBA! But I’ve always dreamt to serve my country since my childhood,” Ananya said.

DAD: Which dad would let his another child become a police officer when his own son has died while serving the nation? Have you forgotten what happened in your brother’s case?

ANANYA: How can I forget my beloved brother who got martyred during an anti-terror operation in Kashmir? But dad, we have to fight back. We can’t let those evils win.

Join a big company instead, you are a woman! dad said.

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Women In Uniform

If you go to some remote villages in parts of Jammu and Kashmir, Chhattisgarh and Bihar, then only you will realize how women police officers are also playing a key role in ensuring law and order across the country.

Police officers live with the pains of uncertainties of their job like erratic working hours, improper residence to stay in and incessant danger round-the-clock in those places. Still, you can see a sense of pride in the eyes of their parents. I want to see that pride in your eyes too, dad. Ananya tried to convince her father.

I already lost my son. I can’t lose you, Ananya! Go and get any other office job instead. If you need any further help, then I am always with you, beta. You have a bright future ahead. Emotional Dad told Ananya.  

“Ok, we will discuss it later. Both of them agreed and took a car.

Ananya Fights Back & Saves A Girl

Suddenly, something shocked both the daughter and dad. ANANYA looked back and found 4-5 Miscreants were harassing a middle-aged woman.

ANANYA asked the driver to stop the car.

Driver stopped the car. DAD was astounded; completely unable to understand what has happened. Ananya dialed 100 (local police station) and came out of the car with a stick in her hands.

At first, she asked miscreants to go away. They didn’t listen to her. Now, Ananya was infuriated.

Her face was glowing with a tent of redness clearly reflecting her anger at miscreants’ behavior.

Without wasting a further moment, she started beating those miscreants black and blue with her stick.

Before the situation went out of hand, the Police jeep arrived in. Cops arrested the miscreants and praised Ananya for her bravery.

The middle-aged woman thanked Ananya for saving her life. Ananya simply said it’s my duty!

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Anyone who harms others is a terrorist in my definition, and I know how to deal with them in my style. Ananya thought!

Seeing her daughter’s bravery, dad clapped and said, I can see that fighting spirit in your eyes. With determined cops like you (soon-to-be a police officer), nobody can dare to harm India. I am proud of you, my daughter.

Ananya’s eyes got filled with happy tears. She hugged her dad and gave a flying salute towards the sky as if her late army-brother was also clapping for her.

— Jai Hind —

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