A Father’s Commitment

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A father’s pocket is empty, 

He is senti.

But he wants to make it sure, 

His children get the happiness – pure! 

He starved the entire previous day, 

Got no pay!

In his children’s faces, 

Still, he searches for happy rays! 

On their birthdays,

He wishes to buy best gift for his kids, 

A father’s true commitment, indeed!

Children never understand, 

How hard their parents work, 

They don’t have any magic wands, 

to fulfill their children’s all demands. 

I mayn’t believe in religion, 

Yet I believe there is God – one, 

They are parents.

For your every little wish, 

They consider their painstaking effort as life’s bliss,

And a parent’s love for their kids never ends.

Author: ATISH HOME CHOWDHURY – chowdhuryatish at gmail.com

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