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Indian Teenage Girl
Mira, Indian Teenage Girl @ Disney

 A 12th class girl, shruti is getting ready for her farewell party. She has locked herself infront of the mirror for about one hour still she is not happy about her appearance. Finally, she decided on one costume, a floral frock, high heels, light makeup and all the accessories like watch, bracelet, etc. She said bye to her mom and went to school. She returned very disappointed, no glow in her face and words, went directly to her room changed and gone to bed. 

Mom saw this and didn’t disturb her till morning. In the morning, she took coffee in girl’s favourite mug and gave it to her. While she was sipping her coffee, mom asked her about the farewell party. 

Shruti: yeah, it went well. All the teachers praised our batch especially bharti. And suddenly she went silent.

Mom: bharti?? That tiny girl who wears spectacles?? 

Shruti(laughs): yes, that chashmish. 

Mom:what?? Why are you laughing?? Were you dull because of her last night??

shruti(surprise in her eyes): how did you guess so accurately?

Mom (proud): beta, main teri maa hun. Now, tell me what happened??

Shruti: Mom, I just don’t understand one thing. What’s so special about bharti?? Every boy is in awe of her, every girl is jealous of her, every teacher sings praises of her. She does not look that good, is not trendy and does not secure 1st rank all the time. Why???

Mom (gives an understanding smile): are you interested to know the reason or inherently you too want to be like bharti, the jaan of everyone??

Shruti: silent

Mom(sighs): Well, whatever might be the reason, I will answer your question. Tell me one thing, does bharti has any boy friend???

Shruti(shocks): what are you saying?? Bharti and boy friend, never. 

Mom: well, that answers everything. Though bharti does not resemble aishwarya rai, not trendy,  (mocks,according to you), she has high of not crossing limits. Let me explain you as you write the answer for 10 marks question. 

She does not have a boy friend, though she looks descent enough and studies well. She does not entertain any boy who goes to her and sings praises of her; she does not even disrespect them. She just smiles and leaves from that place. Well, that makes guys mad, coz they know they cannot get this girl and they cannot stay away from her. So, they keep on trying thinking in one way or the other, she might agree. Once she speaks in normal way, they can flaunt themselves like anything in their group. But, she does not give them any chance. 

Coming to the second part, why is every girl jealous of her?? Well, that is also the same. Boys talk to other girls and during their conversation they definitely ask them about bharti which triggers the girls’ ego and they cannot do anything about this apart from being jealous of her. So, they are doing what they can. 

Coming to the point why teachers sing praises of her?? They have seen this force of character in bharti and inherently they are very happy. Got it???

Shruti(trying to avoid her mom’s eyes): Mom, what are you saying??

Mom(trying to control smile): You didn’t understand, you teenagers, let me try to tell you in punch dialogue style.  People who stay in their limits will always have an upper hand than others. 

Mom goes to shruti and sits beside her and says: I know that you understood what I said.  To be happy and proud of yourself, never ever cross your limits. The high that comes out of following rules is what bharti has, which society calls, FORCE OF CHARACTER.

Taking the empty cup from shruti’s hand and leaving the room, 

Mom: May be you did not identify, but the way I spoke about bharti to you, Our relatives including Raji aunt whom you literally hate spoke about you to me. You are no less than bharti.   Infact, I don’t think even you have a boyfriend. (winks at her and leaves the room).

Shruti gets up , goes to her mom and hugs her. Mom is the best friend. 

Moral: Irrespective of gender, people who stay in their limits, follow the rules have a courage in their heart and that courage brings the beauty. Never cross the lines, always have the high.

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