Bhishma – The flag bearer of Dharma

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When told to a kid below 10 years

Mom: In a village there lived a small boy whose name is devavratha.  His parents, especially his father, loved him so much.

Kid: why?? Does he come class 1st or school 1st every time???

Mom(laughs): no, not completely. He loves his parents so much that he does things for them like no one else does. You know , one day unit test results were announced and deva vratha did not come first; he came fifth. He told his father the results and his position. 

Kid: did dad punish him??

Mom: no, instead father became very happy and hugged him and told him that he was his favorite son. 

Kid: shocks….

Mom: One day before going to school, deva vratha’s father called him and told him to leave some questions unanswered so that the other guy veeru (vichitraveerya) can come first in class. Dev did not ask any questions; he simply said, ”sure, father if that makes you happy ”. You know topper of that exam was supposed to be the CPL; dev knew this. Still did as his father had ordered.

Kid: why did his father ask him to come second??

Mom: Once when dev’s father was in office; he was talking to veeru’s father and came to know that veeru was being very aggressive to come first in class, stopped eating was continuously reading. Dev thought this should be stopped and told dev to come second in class.

Kid: Did dev behave angry with his father??

Mom: not at all; according to dev, whatever his father asks him to do, he will do that; no matter what the consequences are. When dev was told the reason, he was more  fond of his father and made a promise to his father that he will make sure that he will never be CPL again.

Kid: why??

Mom: to dev CPL is not important; only his father is important. 

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