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Judge – You had raised the slogan of Bharat honge tukde tukde?
Prisoner – Yes

Judge – You raised the slogan of Pakistan Zindabad?
Prisoner – Yes

Judge – You opposed and insulted our National flag and the National anthem?
Prisoner – Yes

Judge – Did you support terrorism and Naxalism?
Prisoner – Yes

Judge – You supported the terrorists to take up arms against the police?
Prisoner – Yes

Judge – You had a party to celebrate the martyrdom of CRPF and Army soldiers?
Prisoner – Yes

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Judge – You damaged government property?
Prisoner – Yes

Judge – You waved the flag of Pakistan?
Prisoner – Yes

Judge – Why did you do this, you know what the punishment is?

Prisoner- Yes, I have done this very thoughtfully …. Before that I was an anonymous person, longing for small things, but since then I have come under the category of Honourable and desirable .

Big leaders of national/ regional parties are desperate to meet me.

Their phones are calling me all day, at least one of these, one calls every morning and evening…. My ideas and ideology is churning out good political benefits .

Famous Journalists like (censored) are appreciating me, Bollywood’s famous stars Hero and Heroine always stand up for me at midnight and support me with body, mind, wealth, I am being described as the real hero of the country and comparing me with Shahid Bhagat Singh, articles are being written in print media on me, I am being debated on TV channels.

Yesterday I was worried, looking for a small job, today there are offers from big parties to contest the legislative elections of the legislature… .. I do not know how crores of rupees have come into my account ……

Judge – But this is treason, you can be prosecuted for treason …..

Prisoner – No problem ….. The famous lawyers of the country will advocate for me, people who open court by midnight in favor of Yakub Memon, Kasab and Afzal will take me out …. Or it will take 20 years or more to get the punishment, after that people will go to the higher court, people of this country only lick the boots of famous persons, they do not see the deceit and character of that person and today I have crores of fans And those millions of people think that I am God ….

Do not consider this funny

It is with such actions, leaders (like, you know the names) are born ….

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