THE STORY OF RANI – On Pollution of Delhi

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Author: Vulapalli Naga Mayukha, 5th Grade, Bangalore.

One fine day, the birds were singing, flowers were blooming, and water was flowing. But, on the other side of earth, there was garbage on the road and the sides. There was smog in the air. But people thought it was just fog. This ‘side’ was Delhi, the most polluted city in the world. Some weeks later…..

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A girl named Rani Kapoor went to Chennai and bought a couple of saplings and come back to Delhi, then bought a land and planted the saplings. Rani put her life into them…. but, they never grew… She loved them more than anyone else… but they never grew…. but Rani did loose hope she was DETERMINED. While everyone thought Delhi can not be saved. Rani knew that anyone can save Delhi.

Sometime later Rani got an idea, she thought “If I wait until summer some of the smog will disappears so that the plants may grow.”  So she waited till summer… but they never grew. And then, she had another idea. ‘Oh! I can just make a greenhouse. And when the trees fully grow, I can remove the greenhouse’. So she did that and… this time it worked! Later she expanded her land and did the same thing. And this time also it  worked.

People saw Rani and became inspired. So, they followed her… And then, in the year of 2090 she sadly passed away .. Thanks to her the world got rid of global warming.

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  1. Very noble thought and have to appreciate the concern on environment you have. You represent a generation that is worried of its future considering the current global climate situation. Please encourage your thought process and help spread the awareness on the importance of protecting the environment. Your actions will go a long way and help secure a safe and healthy environment for generations to come. Kudos!!

  2. It was a marvelous work mayu. Your big heart towards the environment will definitely blossom. A bright future will be waiting for you ahead good and keep going

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