Wrong Side Of The Bed

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My mother used to say very often that getting up from the wrong side (from the left side) of the bed fetches you bad luck. Even though I didn’t believe in such superstitions I would obey her by getting up from the right side.

Once it so happened that I have written an ‘Inter-school level English grammar test’. I was so confident that I thought that I would get first prize. My confidence turned to overconfidence. The results will be put on the Internet on Sunday.

It was Sunday morning when my mother woke me up. She was so excited and told me that I scored first in the competition. My happiness knew no bounds. I jumped out of the bed without noticing that I got down from the wrong side. I went to have a look on the Internet and got disappointed when I saw that the Hall ticket number was not mine.

My mother typed a wrong one by mistake. When I typed my correct Hall-ticket number I saw that I have scored third in the test. Though I was happy with my result I was a little disappointed because I didn’t get the first place.

Henceforth, I started getting up from the right side of my bed.

Author : Romila Gillella      |     City : Hyderabad     |     Age : 16

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