Eating Dogs, Seldom Bite!!!

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One summer, I was hanging around my compound and since I had nothing to do, my attention turned to my puppy, Coco. At that time Coco was chewing a delicious (for him not me) bone.

I wanted to have some fun with him, so I started prodding him with my fingers. Coco started growling, but I, for some weird reason thought he was enjoying it and started prodding him even more, all the time laughing my head off.

And then, suddenly, it all happened in a flash. Coco bit my prodding finger and I screamed, and he let go, taking the bone with him, to find some peace and quite, away from prodding fingers. I ran to my mum, and told her what happened.

I got a good scolding after that!! ‘Course, I still have all my fingers intact, thank you very much!! But from that day onwards I stay far away, mind you, far, far, away from bone chewing dogs!!!

Author : K. Gautham Varun      |     City : Chennai     |     Age : 12

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