All Work & No Play, Makes John A Dull Boy

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Amit was the only child of his parents. He grew up amidst a ocean of love and affection. His father wanted him to be a scientist when he grew up. Amit was very intelligent and smart. In his primary classes he was a hit among his teachers and friends. Everybody liked him. But suddenly something happened which changed his course of life. Both his parents died in a road accident. Amit’s uncle took charge of him. He was a peon in a office and a drunkard. He never cared for his own family. He withdrew Amit from the school and made him to work in a hotel. Poor Amit had to wash dishes, scrub tables and hardly got anything to eat. He was very sad. He pined for his parents. He wanted to go to school and play with his friends. Instead he had to work from dawn to dusk. He never found a moment to relax and play. After a few months he gradually turned dull. He could hardly remember things.

Amit’s greedy uncle sold him for five thousand rupees. The man who purchased him was wealthy and childless. He looked after Amit as his own son. Amit was again sent to school. But he was no more the same intelligent, smart boy. His mind had retarded. He was unable to remember things. A few months of hard physical labour without any time for relaxation had made him dull. It took a lot of effort to bring him back to normal.

So children, it is necessary to find some time from your busy schedules to play and relax. Playing the amusing physical exercise which reactivates our mind and re-energises us. Hard labour combined with relaxation makes us intelligent and all work and no play retards our mind as you saw in case of Amit. Now I am sure you understand the saying, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

Author : Akankshya Abismruta      |     City : Sambalpur     |     Age : 15

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