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Ching was a poor boy.  He was going to the market to sell his pots.  When he was leaving.  Then two people from the village came and asked Ching “Where are you going?” 

Ching said, “I am going to the market to sell this pots,”. They started laughing at this and they say “No one will buy this useless pots from you.”

Ching did not respond to their words and he continued quietly.
That’s when the two people started chasing Ching and they said to Ching,

“Okay, we’ll give you 5 coins of this useless pots.”
Even after hearing that, Ching went ahead quietly.  Then he again said “Okay okay, we will give you 10 coins of this useless pots”.

Ching agreed to them and gave them his pots.

Ching saw that both of them were quite happy.  Ching quietly went to them and listened to them.  Then he  said “Wow! These are very good pots. We will sell them in the market for 100 coins.”

Hearing all this, Ching was angered and went towards the forest. When he felt thirsty, he went towards the river near the forest. Then an old man came there.  He was very thirsty. 

Ching saw the old man. Ching did not drink the water himself first, and let him drink first.  The old man became very happy with this, he took a shovel out of his bag, gave it to Ching and said “This is a magical shovel. Whenever you hit this on a rock, the stones coming out of that rock become gold coins.”  but remember, if you hit so many time a shovel on the rocks at the same time to get more gold coins, you will turn yourself into a bag full of gold coins and this magical shovel will disappear.”

Slowly Ching became rich. When two people saw the gold coins near Ching, they befriended Ching.  One day he asks Ching the secret of his getting rich.

After Ching told them everything, the two of them thought of stealing the magic shovel from Ching’s house in the night, and they quietly came to Ching’s house in the middle of the night and they stole the magic shovel. 

Ching was very sad when he woke up in the morning and could not find the magical shovel.  When Ching went to the forest.  Then he saw a lot of gold near the rocks.

He went there fast…  He saw a so many gold coins and two bags of gold.  Seeing all this, he understood everything. Ching collected all of gold and happily went to his house with those gold coins.

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