Make your own destiny

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Create your own destiny by Swamy Vivekananda
Create your own destiny by Swamy Vivekananda

Tumpa and Ratnagiri were neighbouring kingdoms. They were always fighting with each other. But this battle promised to be different: it was to be a battle unto death. Virsen, the general of the army of Tumpa, led his men towards the battlefield. He knew that the enemy outnumbered his army by vast numbers. But he had no option but to fight. To surrender without fighting would mean humiliation for the entire kingdom. And the proud citizens of Tumpa would not like it.

Virsen knew that his soldiers were diffident: they did not believe that they could win. He overheard their demoralized remarks whispered to one another. Their sagging shoulders and drooping faces spoke of their hopelessness.

Virsen realised that he had to do something to boost their confidence.

On the way to the battlefield they came upon an ancient temple. After praying to the goddess enshrined there, Virsen addressed his men: “Most of you here do not think we can win. Let us seek the guidance of the mother-goddess!”He then took out a silver coin and said: “I will now toss this coin. If it lands with the royal seal facing us, then we shall assume that the goddess has signaled our victory. If it falls with the royal seal facing the ground, then that will mean we shall lose. Let destiny reveal itself!”

The soldiers were watching keenly as Virsen tossed the coin. As it landed, the soldiers saw the royal seal gleaming at them. They were overjoyed. The sagging shoulders straightened. They felt confident of winning. With much vigour and enthusiasm, they attacked Ratnagiri and emerged victorious.

After the battle, one of the lieutenants remarked to Virsen, “No one can change destiny!””Quite right!”replied Virsen with a curious smile and showed him the coin that he had tossed at the temple- it had the royal seal on both sides!

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