IF YOU ARE ABOVE 50 YRS OF AGE, HEALTH HINTS FOR YOU A. Two things to check as often as you can (1) Your blood pressure (2) Your blood sugar B. Six things to reduce to the minimum on your foods: (1) Salt (2) sugar (3) preserved foods (4) stop eating non veg (5) dairy […]

Prahlad Kakkar, one of the doyens of Indian advertising, narrates how Sadhguru and Inner Engineering have transformed his experience of life. God in the Detail By nature I am an extremely irreverent, non-believing, politically incorrect person who questions everything. I was reluctant, yet curious to accept the personal invitation by Sadhguru to do Inner Engineering […]

The dirtiest and dirtiest 13 places in the world in the context of our social life: Swimming. pools, especially children’s pools, and studies have shown that 70 percent of these pools contain the bacterium E. coli. Restaurant menu. Restaurant menu Lemon trims placed on the edge of the Ships Up Cup, served in restaurants Water […]

देखते ही देखते जवान, माँ-बाप बूढ़े हो जाते हैं.. सुबह की सैर में, कभी चक्कर खा जाते है, सारे मौहल्ले को पता है, पर हमसे छुपाते है… दिन प्रतिदिन अपनी, खुराक घटाते हैं, और तबियत ठीक होने की, बात फ़ोन पे बताते है… ढीली हो गए कपड़ों, को टाइट करवाते है, देखते ही देखते जवान, […]

Husband sat in his room throwing darts ( 🎯 ) at his wife’s photo but not even a single one hits the Target. From another room wife asks the husband : “What are u doing?” Husband : “MISSING YOU” .😂 God bless English……!!!!!