5 Ways to Maintain a Happy Family Life

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5 Ways to Maintain a Happy Family Life

This is a holistic approach. Every thing is important in family life. Neither any hard nor any fast rule can be prescribed for a happy family.

In my view, a wish list for happy family life is essence of existence for mankind. Desire to every thing perfect in home is impractical. What is in our hand is to create and try to build a sweet home for our loves ones.

 As human beings, we all desire to lead a happy life no matter whether we are married or unmarried. By nature we all seek happiness.

Home is safe and comfort zone for every one. Even luxury travel in best hotel cannot be compared with home. Our family and home is some thing very special for us.

Perhaps, it depends on unlimited efforts to make the atmosphere of our home pleasant. Positive surrounding is a big factor for achieving harmony in the family.

Take a closer look in any family. You see innocent conversation going on. In morning if you visit family garden, you find some of the family members are walking on the green grass leisurely. I suggest the following five ways to maintain a happy life within the family:

Discover: Find out every member’s hobby. Collect some gift for them according to their choice. Try to give the gift according to their hobby. Basic purpose is to make them feel special.

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You should also try to discover your family members’ problems. If there is a problem, try to find out its solution. Discoveries are key for happiness.  Discovery does not mean feel any anybody uncomfortable. If some members are not open, don’t force them to talk.

Take initiative: Do something for other members of the family. Create wonderful moments with them.

 My call is only help you to create happy go lucky life for all family members. In fact, healthy coexistence is important for survival. Our small efforts can make our family members happy. Individual life is interwoven with the family. So it is not small thing. Your peace depends on them. Sometimes, some tricky family issue never gets solved.

 This way challenges come on your way.  But if you choose fighter spirit and never lose hope, you can solve such problems. Life is short. So not try to hurt innocent people. At the same time stay away from negative people.

Treat health as a Gem: Awareness about your and your member’s health is very important as the atmosphere in home will get tensed if someone among us is ill or facing some serious health issue.

Believe me it is most important. Take care about your parent’s health and always talk to them about things. It’s ok if you have your own zone.

 In deeds you have some responsibility for others. Regular health checkup is important for all family members. Make a diet plan as food is directly connects with health.

Be creative in dealing with family emotions:  Make all members comfortable. Treat them equally way. Some times use wittiness in day to day life issue. Sometimes, one of our family members may have some emotional crisis.

 Be kind and try solving this issue with empathy. Be friendly to that member of the family to give emotional support. I refer to a family as a unique lovely group. In this group love is most important. Look after your parents.

Social media spoil the family time. For this, the social media is not at fault. We have to spare time to our family members besides spending hours on social media.

 Give quality time to your parents and kids and balance your social media time with the family togetherness.

 Simple and easy way for this is to try to make them happy with many creative ideas like writing a poem or a short story or play indoor games. There is so many way to approach them to understand that you love them.

Discussion: It is a tactics to be closer to the family members. Talking is important. As the same time more important is listening. In fact it is skill. We have to improve it. Make peaceful and kid friendly theme of our house.

 Discussion is transform human emotion. When we talk that we feel most comfortable. Instead some time few member of family heisted to talk freely. Just comfort them with your signature style of discussions and hangout with them. You have to understand that mood differs from each other.

 Approach to convince human beings is not cup of tea. Even in family. Love and hatred is part of any human group.

 Then why we except that family are perfect zone?  Thinking beyond the all minor issues.

 Never try to impress any body in your family. Do your duty with grace. Handle differences. Life is path between contradiction and reality. It is not fixed. There are infinite possibilities to solve each other differences.

Summing Up

Every issue and pain is solved in time. In end every thing is happy. This way very popular phase is happy ending.

My goal is simple: let us live in a logical. Let us pay equal importance to emotions. Organize your daily routine as it is helpful for growth of your personality.

Don’t assume that we all have the same mental wavelength.

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