Some Glimpses of Clove for Us

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Some Glimpses Of Clove For Us

Clove is edible spice which is used not only in food but for many other purposes as it has medicinal values. It is widely used in India and Indian subcontinent.

 It is essential ingredients for cuisines. Clove is basically a dry flower with special type of aroma.

Apart from being a tasty spice, it has many other benefits. Clove oil is used to treat teeth ache and, mouth ulcer. It has following major benefits:

1 Clove Is Antioxidant: It is an antioxidant. Regular use of clove in food is blessed for us as it prevents us from cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

 Clove have particular compound which fight with diseased cells. We can say that the nature has given us these wonderful spices for a large number of beneficial purposes. Since the immortal, clove is valued just like gold.

2 Clove is good for eyesight: Clove have beta carotene which is good for our eyes. This is due to the reason that the carotene pigment converts as a vitamin A which keeps eyes healthy.

 Clove can protect from ulcer in stomach, improved liver function and it is the full of nutrition. Clove is good for high blood sugar people. It helps people to stabiles blood sugar level.

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3 Clove Is Evergreen In Indian Kitchen: Clove has timeless connection with Indian kitchen.  With clove we chance to eat testy dal, Briyani, savory dishes, rice items like kitchri. Because of the clove our dishes gives us natural aroma. 

 It is used in sauces. It is a warm spices and that is why it is mainly used in winter cuisines. Whole ground clove is one of main ingredients of  garam masala.

 We use a number of Indian dishes made with clove. Clove reminds us classic cuisines of generation in India. In all of us seeing, clove in jar in kitchen.

 It is common phenomena. Cloves have dynamic relationship with our cuisines. It use for its rich flavor and aroma in our kitchen. It delights taste of pulao.

 Today whole world is inspired with Indian kitchen and culinary art. No wonder, the restaurants in foreign countries want to know about Indian culinary secret.

4 Ayurveda Describes about medicinal value of clove:  With the help of ancient wisdom, we get ideas about some magical spices. Clove is one of them. A few pieces of clove in our food not only increase the taste but also prove to be advantageous for our health.

 Many oral hygiene products are manufacture with clove and clove oil. In India, clove is getting used for centuries together. Same is the case with other parts of Asia also. 

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 According to Ayurvedic tradition, cloves boost the body immunity. In ancient India, spice is use for ayurvedic medicine and also herbs for the well being of people. Clove is also one of such ingredients which is use for wellness.

 The ancient people were aware about the therapeutic values of clove and clove oil. They knew it’s amazing health advantages and also the fact that its use in food could keep you far away from you diseases.

From ancient time till today we learn that clove has multi benefits. It protects us from cough and cold and sore throat.

5 Science about Clove In Health: In every aspect of life we need scientific explanation. So clove is versatile.  It is in many ways helpful for human health. It kills bacteria.

There is logic behind clove. Clove contains Eugenal which is a natural anti oxidants. Clove is good source of Vitamin C and Vitamin K. Clove can be used for weight loss. Clove is native of Indonesia but now a day’s whole world cultures this. Clove cures many diseases with scientific formula. In India clove grows mainly in Kerala.

Origin of clove

Clove is believed to have originated in Moluccas Island in Indonesia.  After that, with help of trade its spread all over the world. It also, full grown in Madagascar, Sri Lanka, India and Malaysia and Tanzania (Zanzibar).

My personal experience with clove

 As an Indian woman, I am very proud about the country’s spices heritage including the clove. I use clove in different culinary items in keeping the great cuisine heritage of our country. Spices provide me both taste and aroma.

 I love clove also in sweet dishes like what the Bengalis call Lobongo Lotica. Mom loved this sweet dish. My grand mom and moms were never cooked without clove. According to many ladies of my house without clove food is incomplete. I helped my mom to blend clove with another spices in mixture jar.In a nutshell, clove has an emotional connection with me.  My sister uses it regularly to fight back cough.

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