The Four Intelligent Cats

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The Four Intelligent Cats

In the busy city of Hyderabad there lived a family of three, husband, wife and a daughter. Father Bheema was an accountant in a bank. Mother Anita was a lecturer in a college. Their daughter Savitri was studying in a Convent. Bheema and Anitha were very intelligent and hard working. They had a cat named Fantush. It was very intelligent. Every day it was helping them by bringing small items like milk, curds, ginger, butter etc from a nearby shop.

One day Bheema was transferred to Sikindrabad for his promotion. Bheema felt bad that he had to leave his family. At the same time, he was happy to get promotion. Bheema was travelling to Hyderabad on weekends.

One day Anita’s mother Sulochana came to visit them. She brought sweets and snacks for Anita and her family. Sulochna asked “can I stay with you all for a few days”. “Oh yes mummy you can stay with us as long as you like” said Anita. Anita introduced her mother to Fantush and told her about him.

One day Anitha had to go to her colleague’s wedding. She told fantush “today I may come late, you please take care of my mother”. As night fell Fantush heard a soft sound near the window. He quietly went in and saw some strangers in the house. He thought they were hiding inside the house and were calling others for help. Fantush saw Sulochana tied to the bed and cotton stuffed in her mouth. He looked here and there, and got an oil packet. He spilled the oil on his way and observed them quietly. They opened the cupboard, took all the valuable items and started to escape. On the way everybody fell down and broke their legs. Fantush saw Sulochana’s mobile under the pillow. He messaged the police.

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Immediately the police came and arrested the robbers, took them to the station. They also freed Sulochana and removed cotton from her mouth. Anita came home at 9 in the morning saw the opened cupboard and was shocked. Sulochana explained everything.

Anita received a call from the constable. He said “what a brilliant cat you have! We have got all the money and valuables from the robbers came to rob your house. Can you come to collect them? Please bring the cat with you”. Anita “ok sir sure”. She took Fantush to the police station. The policemen were proud to see Fantush.

The constable said “I think we would have needed a few more days to catch these robbers. They were very quick and efficient. What a brilliant cat you have! I feel we should have few more like this”. He then gave a gold chain for the cat. He also said “all of us are very proud of your cat”. Anitha’s face was filld with joy. She said “thank you sir. I thank everybody in the department for your help and support.” Anitha came home and told everything to her mother. Sulochana was excited. She couldn’t believe her ears.

One day Fantush met three cats as he was going to buy curds. They said “we have come from different countries. Fantush said “please introduce yourselves”. First one told “I am Qwan Qwan. I came from China”. Second one said “I am Whitey. I came from USA” Third one boasted, “I am silky. I came from Japan.” We came here to see different parts of India.

Fantush asked“how did you all come here?”

Whitey said “we all came here by a ship”.

 Silky told “can you tell us about India”.

Fantush in an excited tone said, “Yes! Sure.

Qwan qwan said “can we stay with you?”

Fantush requested for an hour’s time and said, “I will ask my owner’s permission and will take you”.

He came home, gave the packet to Anitha and told “three of my friends have come from different countries. They like to stay with me. Shall I bring them here”? Anitha agreed. Fantush went to them and said “come friends, come home with me”. Fantush brought them home. He introduced them to Anitha.

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One day they asked Fantush to show them a railway station in India. Fantush took them to the station. There Qwan Qwan looked strangely.

Fantush enquired “why are you like this now”?

Qwan qwan replied “now we have to stop the train going on this track”.

Fantush was confused. He asked, “Why?”

Silky pointed out to the track and said “the track is not good. If the train goes on this track, there will be an accident.”

Qwan qwan added “this train which is coming on this track won’t stop here”.

Fantush said “it is not possible for us to stop the train. The signal is free and the train is also coming from other side. There is nobody here”.

Fantush looked all around.  Suddenly he saw a switch.  Fantush quickly jumped on a pillar stretched itself, pressed the button(switch). The signal turned red. The cats were very happy. Fantush and qwan qwan cried “we have done it”. The driver was confused. He suddenly stopped the train. All the people were surprised. They thought “why is this train stopping here. This is an express train. it should stop only in the next station. What happened today”?

The driver called the other station to find out what is wrong? Why has the signal turned red without anybody’s presence? The guard in the other station was surprised. He thought “there is something wrong in the system”. He sent one of his assistants to check. He reported “the track is damaged between the two stations”.

Some people got down from the train to see who has changed the signal. They saw four cats under the pillar. Police and news reporters came and surrounded the place to check how the signal changed automatically. There the police identified Fantush with three other cats. They checked on the pillar . There they were surprised. Immediately police called Anitha and said “come hear to see Fantush. What a fantastic work he has done”! Anitha didn’t understand anything. She asked “from where are you calling? What happened to my Fantush”?

Police said, “Your Fantush is fine. You come to the railway station right away and see what a brilliant work he has done! He has saved more then a hundred lives today. Anitha with surprise “what”! “Yes! Yes! Come quickly”, said the police.

Anitha and Bheema came by car, there they were astonished to see what the four cats had done. “What is this! How did you manage to stop the train”. Fantush narrated the entire incident to them.

Next day there came a big article about Fantush and his friends in the front pages of all the news papers. All the TV channels telecasted this in different languages. The four cats became popular in India.

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One morning somebody went inside the house when Anitha was buying  flowers, vegetables and fruits. He hid himself near the kitchen and was planning to kill and rob her. As soon as Anitha stepped inside the house her friend Sumana came to visit her. They both ware busy chatting for sometime then Anitha said “please wait I will bring coffee for you”. Sumana “ok Anitha after so many years we are meeting again. I would like to stay till evening. I want to see your daughter and talk to her”. Anitha said with a pleasant smile, “ok, you can stay”. She went to the kitchen to prepare coffee.

The stranger took a knife, came from behind. He was about to slit her throat. In a fraction of a second he felt some sharp objects moving on his face and was fully covered with scratches. He could not open his eyes. His face was bleeding. He couldn’t bear the pain. At last he screamed loudly and fainted.

Immediately Sumana came running to see what was wrong. Both of them were shocked to see a stranger lying on the floor with a knife in his hand. Sumana went aside and called the police. Immediately the police came, arrested the criminal and took him to the station.  They also asked Anitha “how did this incident take place”?

Anitha called Fantush, asked him “how did this happen”? Fantush explained everything. Anitha hugged Fantush and his three friends. She thanked them and said “today all of you have taken risk to save my life.  I am very proud of you. I am sure there is nobody is as intelligent as you”.

After a week Bheema was taking Anitha for a medical checkup by car. Qwan qwan and Silky were sitting behind them. Bheema was about to take a right turn. Suddenly Qwan qwan screamed loudly “miyaw miyaw”. Anitha looked at qwan qwan. His face was sad. She asked him “why is your face sad”?

Silky pointed to left. Anitha understood this. She asked Bheema to take a left turn.

Bheema said “if I take a left turn, then we have to go on a long distance.

Anitha said, “The cats are telling me to take left turn here. I think there is something fishy.

Bheema agreed and took a left turn there. After coming back Bheema switched on the TV. They saw flash news and they were shocked.

In the news they showed “an accident had taken place at 10:30 AM. “They showed one huge truck went over more than 20 cars, two wheelers and collided on to a bus killing more than 50 people and injuring more than 60 after a 100 meters right next to Minakshi circle”.

Bheema remembered at 10:30 am that they were near the same road. He thought “if the cats were not there to guide me then I would have taken a right turn what would be my fate!  Myself and Anitha would have been dead by now or would be suffering in the hospital. ‘Oh my god you have saved our lives today! You have given us such intelligent cats”. Bheema and Anitha prayed to god “all the four cats should be fine always”.

They told everybody about their four intelligent cats and it became big news again.

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