Few Reasons Why Flowers Are Important For Us

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Few Reasons Why Flowers Are Important For Us

‘Flower’ comes from the Latin word—Goddess flora. She is an Italian goddess and a symbol of flowers. Besides scent and attraction, flowers also improve our lives. In my perspective, the value of a flower is infinite and limitless. 

I love to analyse flowers for many hours as it gives me a positive outlook on the world. For me, spending time with flowers and gardening gives me fun and happiness. 

Flower is used for decorating coffee table and tea table. According to all interior designers, flowers are the best things interior décor of your house. Go to the flower market and buy colourful flowers to design your room. As it is the easiest way to make your home attractive and eye-catching.

The arrangement of flowers in your bedroom, drawing room, hall, and puja room depends on your own artistic sense.

Good Things About Flowers

I love flowers and I can say unstoppable good things about them. But they are not rhetoric, they have logic behind them. 

It is pure science. Seeing flowers creates dopamine in human brains. Nature makes flowers that are used for our well-being.

Today, according to floral science, flower not only gives happiness, but it also has our connection since ancient days. Human beings’ brains developed during hunting and gathering periods. And during those days, humans got fascinated with flowers, too.

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Exploring Flowers: The Nature’s Wonder

Let’s come with me to explore the different colours, types, fragrances, etc. in the world of flowers. It will educate and entertain you.

It is meaningful to look at flowers for hours. I observe it from my grandparents and parents. They always asked me to take care of our environment.

In a way, flower reaping is a creative thing to do. As a child, I had the desire to improve my knowledge about flowers and their types.

Did you know why flowers attract us? Why do honeybees and butterflies love flowers? It’s because flowers are natural and auspicious. Flowers are a source of their living. Without flowers, we won’t survive. Our country has abundant sources of flowers.

Flowers play a vital role in our day-to-day life. In fact, we can say a flower is the daily basis of life. I am obliged and thankful to mother nature for giving us flowers—the best gift of life.

It’s hard to write a description of flowers. I am not even trying to express the magic of this god-gifted and nature’s discovery—about all variety of flowers—my words will fall short!

Love Flowers Because of Multiple Reasons

Hardly anyone in this world may not like flowers? You all agree with me that flowers are always special in our lives. Flowers give me joy in my lowest moments. Besides that, flowers are used for multiple purposes.

In the cosmetic field, flowers are used to create cosmetic products. Likewise, in cuisines, flowers are used for adding taste and texture to a delicious dish. Many edible flowers are used by cooks to make a particular dish delicious.

Human mood can be better if we make efforts to stay close to nature. That’s why, we all feel so relaxed, blessed, and content with the flowers’ garden. Flowers bless us with scent, colours, beauty, and fragrance. They are also the primary reproduction organ of plants.

We appreciate flowers for their aura, medicinal values, cultural ethos, and religious significance. I love to cherish my morning and night with flowers. I warn you that the floral glow is contagious. Once you start enjoying your solitude with flowers, you’d love this companionship forever! But you need to first decide where you wish to have a floral garden—inside your house or outside of it!

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Flowers And Meditation

Flowers fascinate us in many ways. In ayurvedic or any meditational system, flowers are used for therapeutic purposes. For example, Gulkand, an ayurvedic medicine, is prepared with rose petals and sugar syrup.

We can also take care of our eyes with rose water. It is also used as a moisturizer for our skin. Marie Gold flower can also cure stomach diseases. Plumeria is used in ayurvedic medicine for various purposes. Like wounds, ulcers, skin diseases, cough, nausea, and vertigo. 

Calendula is an ancient flower, which also has great medicinal value. Poppies can act as a pain reliever.

Our ancestors orally transferred their ancient wisdom that how beautiful flowers can be used for our well-being. Actually, their observation and belief are so strong. 

Our founding fathers made enough effort to notice flowers, plants, leaves, streams, and roots and found various ways to use them for our wellness.

Today whatever we know about flowers and their uses—is only because of their past findings.

Top 10 Quotations of Flowers

Love can be expressed through flowers

Flowers are as fragile as human hearts, handle with care

Flower is special for human beings, animal, insect, birds, and even Mother Nature

Almighty gives us flowers as bliss in hard times

Scent is important, but still, flowers are amazing even without them.

Flower is always fresh, pure, and simple; just like a human soul.

Flower is the best gift on special occasions, the most luxurious gift.

Flower is a powerful tool to create a bridge between two love partners.

The gift of all flowers from my ex is in my heart’s garden.

If you have time, then notice how flowers interact with honeybees and vice versa. This is a wonderful phenomenon.

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The Role of Flowers in Love

Without flowers any type of love is incomplete. But according to me love and flower both are different. Flower plays contagious energy between two people. It improves human mood and acts as a stress buster. 

It is important for our well-being. In a nutshell, flower is the best way to express gratitude and love. If we talk about romance, then Red Rose is the best.

A bouquet with various flowers can look amazing. It can be a perfect gift for your partner. Different flowers in a bouquet have different levels of human emotions—loyalty, friendship, and happiness.

Some other beautiful flowers that can represent love are sunflowers, tulips and peonies. A flower encompasses heart-touching bonding between two lovers. Interestingly, even costly gifts can never replace the essence and value that a floral bouquet has. Sending a bouquet is still the best way to remove distance and confusion between lovers. 

Flowers trigger happiness and satisfaction. It helps us calm our minds. When we are peaceful from the inside, then automatically, we are surrounded by love. This way, love and flowers are always related to each other.

In Conclusion

A blooming flower is the best thing to you see early morning. But it is only possible if you reap trees. We should teach our kids to take part in gardening flowers even in small spaces, terraces or one corner of a balcony. Everyone is an anthophile. We have to just encourage them.

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