Hardwood Flooring Guide: 5 Types Of Wood Flooring

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Hardwood Flooring Guide: 5 Types Of Wood Flooring

There are a lot of types of wood flooring which can be select by the home owners for their home’s floor. Every type of the wood flooring has different kinds of advantages and disadvantages. In this post, we are going to discuss about wood flooring types and points that should be consider at the time of choosing right one from the all. So, let’s start.

What Is Wood Flooring ?
Wood flooring is one of the type of permanent floor which has appearance of the wood. But it can be made up of natural or synthetic lumber. Here wood is versatile flooring material which is available in many styles, colors and species. If you go to select one of this floor, there will be two main types first one is engineered wood and second one is solid wood. Engineered wood floor is made up of with the help of veneer with over synthetic, underlayment and something else which is not wood. Solid wood floor gets ready from solid planks of lumber.

Points to consider at the time of choosing wood flooring
If you are going to choose wood floors to install in your home, you should consider durability and structure of your favorite one. Following are some points to keep in your mind when you are in front of the various types of hardwood flooring that would be good one for your home.
Moisture resistance and humidity – any type of solid wood flooring that you will choose, it will be more vulnerable to the humanity, heat and moisture damage. But this problem does not exist in the engineered wood flooring.
Photosensitivity – The color of wood changes when it is expose to the direct sunlight, expecting the light that comes from your window of the home. Keep one thing in your mind at the time of getting wood flooring. If a lot of direct is coming to your home, choose a wood which has low photosensitivity.
Hardness of your hardwood – durability of the wood flooring is usually determine in the Janka hardness scale, which measures pound force.

Types of hardwood flooring
If you have decided whether you want to get engineered wood flooring or solid wood. Then, You are able to choose from a hefty range of wood. Following are some of those popular species of woods which homeowners install in their homes.

  1. American walnut – It is a dark and soft wood which has clear look of swirled grain. But, this type of wood should not be use in the home which is near to the high traffic.
  2. Bamboo – it is made up of compressed strands of bamboo, it means the natural bamboo does not exist in this type. On the other, it is considered as wood flooring because this type has appearance of wood. Additionally, it is 3 times much harder than the natural wood and cheaper by square feet.
  3. Cherry – it is one of the popular flooring material, but one problem is that, it is more expensive than other because, It has enviable appearance. It’s color is reddish brown along with visible, swirling grains.
  4. Maple -. Maple is another one popular hardwood which grows in the Canada and United States. This Maple flooring is harder than oak.
  5. Oak – It is the common hardwood type in the United States. It is common because of the two things, first one it’s affordable and second one it’s durable. Most of the time people choose two colors in this type, Red Oak and White Oak. Hardness level of White oak is 1360 which makes it more durable in the home near to the high traffic area.

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