What shoes to wear with wide-leg pants?

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What shoes to wear with wide-leg pants?

Knowing what footwear to pair with your dress can save you from a fashion disaster.

Silhouette heels would be the last thing you’ll want to wear with athleisure; similarly, there are more suggestions for what shoes to wear under what that will save you from committing fashion crimes.

If worn following the dress, a shoe can not only compliment your attire but can boost your overall outfit fashion score as well.

Finding the proper footwear can be overwhelming.

Trying and testing them manually would consume the whole day, and there is still no guarantee that you’ll find the right match for pants.

Wouldn’t it be a real drag if you mistakenly wore some shoes under some pants which were supposed to be worn with something else and it eventually can ruin the whole outfit

Like in the current fashion market, comfy clothes formats are winning hearts. But do you know if you mess up with the footwear choice, it might kill the whole vibe of the outfit?

But there isn’t a fashion book that can be read if we have doubts lingering over our shoe choice.

Well, we can learn and take inspiration from runaway fashion, at least to be on a  safer note. Runaway fashion is the most accepted fashion ever.

So here in this article, after analyzing closely what fashion bibles, runaway fashion, and fashion influencers speak of what shoes to wear under wide-leg pants, we have enlisted a list of 30 shoes one can refer to.

What shoes to wear with wide-leg pants?  
How has Women’s Pants fashion evolved from skinny pants to wide-leg pants?  
Why are Wide Leg Pants trending?  
Types of wide-leg pants  
Benefits of wearing wide-leg pants    
Inspiration from recent celebrities or Instagram fashion influencers looks for what shoes to wear with wide-leg trousers.  
It can be created with the shoes mentioned above and wide-leg pants.  
Our recommendation for what shoes to wear under wide-leg pants.
Closing Remark  

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What shoes to wear with wide-leg pants?

If not worn with the right shoes, no one can save you from being fashion policed. Wide-leg pants can be paired with any color under the sun due to the versatility they have to offer though the patterns are something one must choose with caution.

We have listed all trending & classic options of stylish shoes to wear on wide-leg pants.

Quirky sneakers

When it comes to what shoes to wear under wide-leg pants, you can trust quirky sneakers with your eyes closed. Sneakers of pop color can elevate a simple outfit as well. You can use color-blocking techniques to give yourself an upper hand in shoe styling by pairing colorful sneakers with black wide-leg pants and a black corset top.

Platform Heels

Platform heels are love and an entire vibe in themselves if carried with the right dress. Wide-leg pants go amazing with them. These are the most natural-looking footwear, along with wide-leg trousers. You can choose wide-leg pants of bold and pastel colors to be paired with them.

White sneakers

Okay, let’s accept that they are the longest-lived and relatively favored option in shoe styling. They are classic & timeless.

With unique denim wide-leg bottoms, they look very chic. It is an absolute luxury to own white sneakers for any woman out there. White sneakers would look equally classy if worn with ripped wide-leg bottoms. Any wide-leg pants can be pulled off easily with white sneakers.

Tennis shoes

Preferably could be worn on a sports day at University. Tennis shoes could be of any colour you like to buy. They would look good with embroidered wide-leg pants. You can wear them on cafe dates and at summer picnics. Primarily meant for sporty look, tennis shoes, if worn with the right bottom, can fit into many other settings.

Black Heels

In our “what footwear you can pull off with wide-leg pants” list, next, we have the black heels you ought to have. Black heels are the staple or the primary option if you like keeping your style aura in check. They are simple yet classy. Though conventionally associated with skinny dresses and narrow-bottom pants, they look equally good if worn with wide-leg pants also. With long wide-leg pants of floor length, these will give you an edge.

Pump heels

To give yourself a bossy look, you can wear beige wide-leg pants with pump heels and a white shirt. Pump heels could save you from the embarrassment of tripping on long wide-leg pants. Pump heels are good-to-go with a wide variety of wide-leg pants.

Flat women sandals

It can be worn over mid-sized wide-leg pants. For a fresh summery look, flat sandals can be used. Flat sandals are an excellent option to be worn with ankle-length denim wide-leg pants also. Flat women can get up your shoe styling game quickly; you only need to pick the right bottom. To create a work-centric outfit, wear flats with cotton or linen wide-leg bottom pants.

Wide front sandals

They’re of great use if paired with tie-up cotton wide-bottom pants and flowy wide-leg pants of floor length. They’ll be good on mid-sized wide pants, also. Wide-front chunky sandals give you a comfy look and can be worn in multiple settings such as beachside, work, college, and others. To create a comfortable look, you can wear chunky hand jewellery to elevate the entire look.

Photo by Rhiannon Stone from Pexels: https://www.pexels.com/photo/five-person-wears-footwear-at-daytime-514914/

How has Women’s Pants fashion evolved from skinny pants to wide-leg pants?

Firstly, a few decades before, pants were not something in women’s fashion catalogs; it’s hard to believe, right? You won’t believe it, but still, in many nationalities and religions, pants for women are prohibited. If you’ll turn the pages of women’s fashion history, pants would be the last thing you can expect to be there. Some fashion books reveal to us that a kind of under-skirt pants called ‘’Turkish pants’’ were used by women in Europe. So, how did it become mainstream? Well, long story short famous runaways featured high-fashion pants, which eventually got incorporated into women’s typical fashion setup. One of the well-known designers we can quote here who actually played a significant role in supporting women’s pants was ‘Paul Poiret. Gradually women protestants made wearing pants as a symbol of freedom, and like-minded women joined it, and through such chains of events, women wearing pants were no more a fashion outcast. Cut to the GENz fashion age, where wide-leg pants are the new normal. For the kind of statement they emit, wide-leg pants are much loved and appreciated by women of the 21st century.

Why are Wide Leg Pants trending?

Boyfriend jeans are nowhere to be seen except in the corner of the closet of women in their 30s. GenZ being more inclined towards comfort, rely upon clothing supporting similar themes. This explains why wide legs are all over the market. In this Pinterest outfit age, a wide portion is a win-win in every situation. They’re not inappropriate as distressed jeans and are not straightforward as skinny pants. These factors primarily account for the popularity of wide-leg trousers/pants among women.

Settings where you can wear wide-leg pants

They are very mouldable in nature. You can slay wide-leg pants in an office outfit and wear the same to a club by evening. The only thing that needed to be looked for would be the shoes. Wide-leg pants actually fit in every scenario, possibly. But if not carried with the right pants can take away the real charm of the outfits. For cozy ambiance outings, they’re a unanimously loved option. On one side, wide-leg pants are chic and elegant, whereas, on the other, they are the epitome of street & casual styling looks. It is incredible what a range of looks can be pulled off through wide-legs bottoms.

Photo by EVG Kowalievska from Pexels: https://www.pexels.com/photo/woman-wearing-pair-of-black-and-gold-open-toe-sandals-1360146/

Types of wide-leg pants

1.         High-waisted

2.         Mid-rise

3.         Floor-length

4.         Cropped

5.         Culottes

6.         Gaucho

7.         Palazzo

8.         Cropped wide-leg pants

9.         Tulip wide-leg pants

Benefits of wearing wide-leg pants

  1. They provide you with a long look, and thus you look taller.
  2. The denim wide-leg bottoms are very sturdy in material, so they can be used roughly.
  3. Wide-leg pants suit all body types, from curvy to lean.

Inspiration from recent celebrities or Instagram fashion influencers looks for what shoes to wear with wide-leg trousers.

During the covid period, many fashion influences came into existence. Most of them advocated comfortable clothing. It will be a crime not to mention wide-leg pants if comfort clothing is discussed.

Wide-leg pants aren’t a passing-by fashion; instead, it is here to stay. You can expect more people to shift to a comfy style as the time has evolved. Wide-leg pants are an ought to have cloth in women’s closets. The white & beige ones are the most popular.

We can quote here celebrities like Kathyrn Bernardo, Heart Evangelista, Pia sees, and Camille Co-Koro, who have slayed wide-leg pants outfits.

Bollywood Celebrities slaying wide-leg pants with matched up shoes

Wide-leg jumpsuits or wide-leg pants have been in trend in the past two decades in Bollywood. These pants still make as much sense as they used to make in the past. Whether Deepika and Priyanka’s high fashion bossy looks are styled with pointer heels or Sara’s simple plazzo with Kurti look paired with cotton Kurti and flats, both are admired by fashion critics & fans equally.

Looks that can be created with stylish shoes and wide leg pants.

Wide-leg pants can be worn with any type of shirt or crop top. They are effortless to style.

Here is some possible look to style with wide leg pants and stylish shoes along with them.

Type of wide leg pantShoes to wear  Tops
Tie-waist wide leg pantsWhite sneakersAny crop-top or tank tops
Denim wide-leg bottomsWhite sneakersWhite shirt or skinny beige top
Linen Dalia pantsTennis shoesLola top
Mid-size wide leg pantsFlatsPop color Sweatshirts
Cropped wide leg cotton pantsWomen sandals with medium size sole.Open fronted check shirts and black skinny top.
Long wide-leg pantsPlatform heelsMetallic jacket and crop top
Wide leg jumpsuitPop coloured sneakersN/A
PalazzosKolhapuri chappalsChikankari kurti
GauchoHeelsLong tops

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels: https://www.pexels.com/photo/woman-wearing-jeans-and-high-heels-7588399/

Our recommendation for what shoes to wear under wide leg pants.

 Our recommendation would be to pick flats and pop sneakers for wide leg pants shoe styling. The two of them are an absolute saviour in situations where you are clueless what to style with white bottoms. Pop coloured sneakers would not require any other accessory styling they are complete in themselves. Beige flats for kolhapuri flats will be wonderful to be paired with mid-size cropped wide leg pants. You can opt for wide sole flats for wide bottom jumpsuits. So these were some exclusive tips from our side on how to style footwear with wide bottom pants.

Closing Remark

There are a number of ways in which a wide leg pant can be styled. But when it comes to footwear to choose we usually pick something which disturbs the whole look. Every material and pattern of cloth you wear has a distant tone and Vibe. Footwear which complements the pattern of your dress and feel of your cloth can help you create the desired look. Wide leg pants are high-end and fashionable on one side and are comfortable to wear on the other. We have given you an easy to follow style guide for shoe styling with white leg pants. From sneakers to flats everything that would flatter your wide bottom trousers outfit are listed here in the list itself. There is a separate section for looks to create to help you as well.  We hope you would have taken away some important tips to follow while pairing Wide leg pants with the right kind of shoes.

Happy Shoe styling:)

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