Bliss of being Single

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Bliss of being Single

It ok about being Singlehood, breakup, divorcee. Just love yourself. Don’t bother about this small talk. Just try to do some work. It may be related to your job or extra curriculum activity.

Unfortunately, if your partner is not helpful, then all of sudden your life will be complicated. So don’t need to jump in relationship without knowing properly each other. Just take time even enough time as much as you want.

I am not say that proud to be single or take any type of shame about singlehood. Just except your real circumstance. Apparently, I say that don’t be shame of unmarried status, Divorcee. Always believe God is better plan for us.

Our unreasonable insecurities make us our self? Weak, timid and also some time victim without any reason. Some category people take advantage of our in logical insecurities.

Always remember almighty make World solid. And he also make us with everyone solid capacity.  I try to say that we all are strong enough. That does not mean that relationship is bad things.

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Just try to make decision in relationship in proper time and investigation. Don’t hurry. No need to hurry. Wait world is very big. Infinite possibilities are everywhere.

Not make your mind with any particular conclusion. Apart from some doubtful case, majority of World people are over all good. Don’t inspire from any individual or any case of singlehood. It is just normal status with its pros and coins.

If partner is good then your life is epitome of feelings and heaven. But at the same time life will be have only full of pain if partner is wrong person for you?

  Nobody is perfect but   issue is that who enhance and encourage yourself in every matter. Just understand that is right person for you. I don’t want to say that who buttering yourself that individual is nice.

 My funda is clear that outspoken politely in every topic.

 May be its education, Politics, economy.   He or she may be directly asked about their partners  past relationship. You also be straightforward with them. No need to be over sweet with serious issue.

But always remember make He or she comfortable first. In modern day we all are hustle in our day to day life. This way we find relationship in form of arrange marriage, Love marriage or Dating. Actually, we are lonely rather than solitude. This way we find someone special. That is not wrong.

Take singlehood. Take benevolently your failure in love life. Breakup is not easy. Only great support system recovers all of us?  

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Who face rejection in world of love? But believe me breakup pain have to be removed with productive work. This way we say that work is worship.

Some tips which help from breakup

Listening to good music. I personally suggest that Hindustani classical music. Whatever music is? Music is very powerful tools for our mental Health. In problematic time, any type of song gives us happiness. Music create chemical in brain that is dopamine. It released in hormone which feel us beautiful.

Enhance your curiosity about spiritual journey. That is not limited in any small talk. Always remember spiritual means self understanding.  Who am I? What is world?  What is universe? This type of question arises in mind.

 When our spiritual journey is started. Spirituality is beyond the limited thought process.

Be kind to yourself- Don’t compare yourself with anyone else in family or friends. Just ok in your own skin.

Never underestimates yourself.  We all are PowerPoint in our own way. Empathy and compassion is necessary for develop your personality. Not include in any race of achievement. Only try to do some meaningful activity.

To get education- Education builds confidence in our life.  It is so important that we can’t get success without it.

Knowledge is not boosting our ego. It also has a practical need. It helps you get some professional degree, which acknowledges you in many area of career.

Knowledge decreases grief of breakup. Education has power to heal every type of pain.. Knowledge is also a blessing of Goddess Sarasati.

Travel- You can go anywhere depending upon your budget and choice. Travel is basically outside of your home. That is beautiful feelings. That does not mean sweet home is boring place. Always remember? Your house is most interesting and comfortable place in entire universe.

It is just a feeling to inform us about outside of our limitation. Travel is unique for us; it is the best therapy in breakup or singlehood.

We travel where we desire to go. May be its nearest coffee shop, or any mall!  Not copy anybody in the case of their Travel style.

Always arrange and maintain your budget in the matter of Trip. So in a nutshell I say that One Trip is really Precious gift in singlehood life. It also works in relationship. Love is just roller and costar.

Grooming – This is one simple way to achieve every in our life. Best yourself in every matter. 1st not take yourself easily. And also not take yourself so seriously. Just aware about yourself.   In every way like Dress, Health, Style, Food  habit, Good Education. Learn new talents. Like Dance, Music, Painting. Know about your inner skill.

Keep caring your hobby. Give yourself time for your hobby and talent. Actual grooming means respect yourself. And except the World Way it is.

Every individual takes care about their proper nutrition and protein. Do well in your field. Take care of Nail. Actual good presentation is one way to make you happy. Groom in yourself for entire lifetime. It is ongoing process.

If  you get partner then ok but not too much dependent on that.

You are your best friend. Always celebrate each and every day.

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