How can we stay happy

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How can we stay happy

I am not motivational speaker. But I know? for some years that we all need motivation. Motivational speaker always inspire us from many angle.

In fact, life is full of confusion and puzzle. Unpredictability, exist everywhere in World.  Question arises?  That’s how we live happy life. But it is touchwood possible.  Happiness is not wish? It need for human existence.

Be simple

Try to leave simple life with high thinking. Acquire knowledge is necessary but don’t take yourself so seriously. That does not mean we become dump.

Basically we come as a infant, pure soul. Our basic nature is simplicity. No need to unnecessary baggage. Just  happy with your own skin!

Many of us, make easy life hard. I just try to say that low profile is best friend of us. Growth is important. Despite that, we know the process of live life with peace. Enjoy small thing in life. Not go number race in life. You try your best. Rest of your luck is hand of almighty.

Be honest

Without truthfulness in our own life or another person life is hurdles. This way, moral Science has a one chapter known as Honesty is best policy.

Word honesty defines as a larger scale meaning. Honesty only makes person courage to be real and fair. Majority in this World is good.  This way more or less we all are honest with the deep within.

We know that cheating is bad things. A person easily speaks their opinion without harming anybody emotion.

Truth is the way we get long term happiness. It is the core of to become happy. Never listen that honest people get into trouble.

In a nutshell, activity, struggle, business or any productivity make our personality charming and truthfulness.

Comfortable in your own skin

Just chill in your world! Always reminder we all are God child. Nobody is inferior. Inspire with peoples but without comparison.

Human beings are not perfect. In fact perfectionist is misconception. Just love yourself. Don’t waste time to judge your every decision.  Basically life is ironical.

Everybody, have their own positive and negative quality.

Luck, destiny, chances, situation, circumstance and condition are not same. This way we all are different from each other.

Despite that we always compare our self with others. It is very clear that comparison study make us unhappy. Then why we do it? Let bygones by gone. Just always remember your strength!

No their certain way to get happiness. But thankful person is always happy. Optimistic person have chose positive attitude for World.

Appreciate everybody and yourself too. Just smile every day. Spend time with your family in sweet home.

It is not matter of joke to make yourself happy. But at least try. We all are looking for it. Wellbeing of the people is priority for protect humanity. Be kind to yourself no matter what. Don’t look much your failure.

Best advice for human beings is to just look forward.

Take deep breath in fresh air in morning. Our little bit efforts make our self happy to easily. Very important thing is to speak up when need. Learning new skill? for continuously  growth our self.

Knowledge is better than ignorance. New skills never go to waste.  Sometimes we needed new skill. Help people who need your help.  I hope entire universe will be happy.

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