Birds and Summer

Birds at Summer Time Photo by Matthias Zomer from Pexels:
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Birds and Summer

One summer morning, Rohan was sitting in the park with his grandpa. He was enjoying his holidays, as his exams had just finished. He loved going to the parks and play there.

He had carried a bat and ball with him while going to the park.

All his friends too had gathered in the park.

Soon they started their game. All the children had carried their caps and water bottles along with them.

His grandpa watched their game and enjoyed it thoroughly.

After finishing the game, all the children were very happy, but at the same time they were very tired too.

The heat had exhausted all the energy from them as it was a sunny day. The sun was shining very bright.

After finishing the game, all the children sat down under a nice cool shady tree. They relaxed for some time. They all were very thirsty at the same time.

All of them drank water from their water bottles.

Rohan also drank water as he was very thirsty. Accidently he dropped little water on the ground as the bottle slipped from his hands. Most of the water spilled on the ground.

To this , an amazing thing happened within no time. Rohan saw a bird coming towards the spilled water and started drinking it. Soon one by one many birds started coming towards the spilled water and started drinking the water.

Rohan and his all his friends were quietly watching all this. Rohan started thinking all the birds were so thirsty just like us. But for us the water is easily available, so can drink it any time and many times, but this is not the case for birds and animals.

Grandpa too was watching all this. He explained to all the children that, during summer the heat is very high, and so the evaporation is too very fast. As a result of this the lakes, ponds and small rivers go dry.

Because of this most of the birds and animals do not get water to drink. At times in worst cases birds and animals can also die in case they do not get water to drink. All the birds and animals are in search of water during summer.

Listening all this the children felt very sad all the birds and animals.

They thought if doing something for all the birds and animals around them.

With help of grandpa, they decided to built small pits for the birds and animals in which they could stay water everyday.

All the children decided the check and refill the pits with water turn by turn.

All agreed to do it happily. At the same they also decide to keep small pots of mud near their houses, in the balconies, outside the house, in the gardens and keep water for the birds and animals this summer.

As decided all the children did everything. Soon they saw many animals and birds came there to drink water.

Seeing this it made all the children were happy.

All the children followed this for the whole summer vacation. They enjoyed to see different types of birds visiting their pots to drink water and fly away.

All the parents too, watched their children taking up all the responsibility and completing it through out. All the parents were proud of all the children. This made all the parents very happy.

Soon , it was June, and one day the climate changed from sunny to cloudy. Dark clouds gathered together and lightening accompanied the clouds and it started rainy.

Soon within, no days all the ponds and lakes were full.

Now the children were very happy for the birds and animals, as they will no longer search for water and remain thirsty.

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