Education should be free

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Education should be free

Education is essential for anyone who wants to advance in their academic, social, and political careers. Education costs a lot of money around the world, but it should not be monopolised so that the entire world can move at the same pace, solving problems like global poverty or world starvation. Otherwise, the world’s future will inevitably go nowhere because it will be unable to push its talent any further. At the very least, having more knowledge allows you to stand out from the crowd and easily overcome significant obstacles in today’s world.

Schooling is an important tool for learning about different cultures and ways of thinking. It is a central tenet of freedom, as learning different languages, ways of teaching, and methods of managing societies is critical for future solutions.

Learning a new language enables one to have communication with foreign people and expand your horizons. It is also essential for making money, because one day one may need to go back to a country with its native language. Learning a foreign language is also important for the country’s development, as in the case of Korea or China. They both have reached the point where they can teach other countries. They are probably the richest countries in the world in terms of absolute terms, but the latter actually has a bigger wealth gap than the former.

In education, there is no direct correlation with income. However, some studies have shown that knowing more things gives people better income. While some people might dismiss it as anecdotal evidence, it makes a lot of sense. You probably have experienced it yourself when you know a lot about something and yet do not make as much money as people who have fewer responsibilities.

As in most things, the rich pay the most in taxes. Obviously, it is unreasonable to keep something that you cannot do justice to, and this is why people prefer investing in small things. Unless one can make a lot of money by investing large sums of money, it is probably a waste of time. That said, investing is an important skill because it is the only path that has led to a good income.

In today’s society, education is even more important in shaping our world. Students nowadays pay money to study and learn in order to be a part of the Institute. Unfortunately, not every student can do so because the majority of them do not have adequate financial support to attend the schools of their choice and continue their education. When it comes to education, everyone should be able to learn for free.

For starters, free education motivates students to do better. When a student is relieved of his education charges, he is relieved that he no longer has to think about it. As a result, he, too, strives to improve his academic performance in order to make the most of this opportunity. Second, students are not the only ones who grow here; society does as well. By allowing students to continue their education, society will gain a dependable, productive workforce to improve results. Statistics show that countries that invest in their students’ education are the most advanced in terms of innovation and creativity.

Free education can sometimes have the opposite effect on students. With everything being so simple, students would find it easy to abandon their schools because they did not earn them in the first place. Students usually judge the worth of supplies based on their own difficulty, so giving them this opportunity will only lead to them squandering it. Free education can also have a negative impact on teaching quality. Most schools today rely on student fees to improve their facilities and materials. However, without that, schools will be unable to move forward and will eventually stop progressing because they will be solely reliant on government funds.

Finally, regardless of income, everyone should have equal access to education. This is fair, but it also ensures that countries could really prosper and evolve in the future with a well-educated employees.

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