Soniya’s Maths Lesson

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Soniya’s Maths Lesson

Soniya the little girl was studying in grade II. She was a very hardworking girl.

She always completed her studies in time. All her books were neat and tidy. All teachers were very happy with her work. Her parents too were very proud of her.

But, somehow, Soniya was not liking to Math. She used to think Math is not at all important. So she use not do her Math very nicely.

Her mother had noticed this some time back.

She told Soniya that Math is very important in our life.

We need to make many calculations like addition, Subtraction, division and multiplication in our daily life. We cannot stay without maths in our daily life. Soniya somehow did not agree to this. But she could not say against her mother, so she just kept quit. Her mother understood that Soniya was not completely convinced with her. But she did not say anything to her at the moment.

She kept thinking of how to explain the importance of Math to Soniya . She tried very hard one by one using all the tricks she could think of, but none really worked. Now, her mother was really worried.

Her father noticed that something was troubling Soniya’s mother. On understanding the whole thing, he too was very worried. At last, they both decided to speak to her math teacher and take help from her.

Next morning, both the parents visited the school. They met Soniya’s Math teacher and explained her all the problem. Her teacher listened to them patiently and understood the whole problem.

They togetherly decided to make soniya understand the importance of Maths in our daily life.

They all planned a small plan.

They called Sonya, and told her that now that she does not like Math and does not feel it to be important in our daily life she can now skip this subject. Listening to this, soniya was very happy and relieved. She was very happy as from now onward she will not have to study Math and do all the calculations any more.

She will not have to use the numbers anynmore. She was very very happy listening to this. But befor she could thank her parents and teacher for this , her teacher told her that there is a small  condition in this.

Soniya will not be allowed to use any numbers in her daily use for next two days. If she succeeds in this, she can skip her Math subject henceforth.

Soniya thought, why would she require Math, thinking this, she agreed to it.

After the school, she reached home. Her mother asked her what time did the bus come at our place?

But she could not answer as it included number. Then mother asked, how much time did it take you to reach home?  But again she could not answer.

Soon, after getting fresh, she sat for having her lunch, her mother asked her how many rotis would she want? But no answer again. Not she could answer the other questions for rice, and vegetable too. Slowly soniya started realizing her mistake and also the importance of Math.

In the evening, her father too asked many daily routine questions which included numbers in it.

But this time too Soniya was not able to answer them.

Next day in the school too, same thing was repeated. She could not answer many questions.

By end of the day, Soniya had realized her mistake, and understood the importance of Math and numbers in our daily life.

She decided to study Math. She also thanked her parents and teacher for making her understand the importance.

Her parents too thanked her teacher for her help.

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