Everything About Black Toenail | Why Do Some People’s Toenails Turns Black?

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Everything About Black Toenail | Why Do Some People’s Toenails Turns Black?

Know Every Detail On Black Toenails

Every one of us desires to remain beautiful irrespective of our age. And, the beauty not only resides in our face but in our entire body. So, we take facial care of our skin & moisturize it, do manicures for our hands & pedicures for our feet. But, what if we suddenly see the toenails of our feet turning black? It’s really something to panic about, right? After all, it’s not only about your beauty, it’s also about your health. Whenever there is some problem in our body, it tries to make us aware of it through some signs & symptoms. Who can say, the turning black of our toenails may be such a symptom! But, the question is what causes our toenails to turn black & how can we fix it? Come! Let’s discuss!

1. Injury/Trauma:

Your toenail may suddenly turn black due to any unexpected injury/trauma. The sudden trauma to your feet, particularly your toenail, makes the skin under your toenails bleed. More the bleeding, the more pain you will experience. When such trauma happens to your toenails, give them some time & watch if they are healing on their own or not. In case, you see zero improvements, call a doctor & visit his chamber. If necessary the doctor will put a needle into the traumatized area & pull out the blood that has been accumulated under your toenails.

2. Medical Conditions:

Certain medical conditions like kidney disorder, heart ailment, black toenail diabetes & others also transform your normal toenails into black. Besides, some skin ailments like psoriasis, lichen planus, etc also sometimes result in such a transformation. Your doctor will find out the actual cause through various tests & confirming the actual problem will stipulate you important medicines for the disease.

3. Fungal Infection:

Sometimes fungus (dermatophytes) also becomes the reason for your black toenails. The fungus entering your toenails from any other person causes infection, which in turn makes your toenails black. If the reason behind your black toenail is black toenail fungus, your doctor will give you topical anti-fungal ointment or cream that by applying on the black area kills the fungus & restores your normal skin. Always remember to walk wearing shoes in any public places or wet & humid places to avoid any type of fungal infection & thus the conversion of your toenails from normal to dark.

4. Skin Cancer Such As Melanoma:

Sometimes Melanoma can also turn your toenails black. Early diagnosis is helpful to treat this cancer. So, whenever you notice your nails, be it your toenails or other nails, turning dark along with other symptoms like redness, bulging, discharge, etc, run to a doctor without any further delay. Your doctor will instruct you to undergo a biopsy examination or other microscopic examination & if melanoma is detected, your treatment will be started immediately by other oncological surgeons.

5. Taking Immunosuppressant Drugs:

Some people experience black toenails as a side effect of the immuno-suppressant drugs, that they use to take. Tell your doctor about your problem & if he deems it necessary, he will change your drug to stop the transformation of your normal toenails into black.

Wrapping Up:

There is a solution to every problem in this universe & black toenail is no exception. Only a proper diagnosis of the cause behind your black toenails is required. And, intake (or application) of proper medications will fix your problem in no time. So, trust your doctor & visit him at the right time. Remember, ignoring any condition will only aggravate it, never fix it.

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