Story – Saving is Earning

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Story – Saving is Earning

Once upon a time there lived a farmer named Joseph. He had a small farm. He was living happily with his family in a small village. It was a very beautiful village. His wife use to help him in the farm. They had daughters.

The elder daughters name was Alice. She was very naughty and use to never help her parents in the farm. She loved to play all day long and complain about all things.

The younger daughters name was Angel. She was a very polite and good girl. She loved to help her father in the farm work. She use to also help her mother in the household work. She use to study very hard every day. She never complained about anything.

Every night their father use to give them a one rupee coin. Alice use to spend all the one rupee coin the next day.

She use to buy some chocolates, sweets, candies, some earrings, new hairbands and stuff like that.

But on the other hand, Angel use to save the money in her piggy bank.

She use to spent only when really required. She use to spend a half a coin from the given one rupee coin. Father was watching them both.

One day their father called both and explained them to save money and spend it very carefully.

Angel understood his saying, but Alice did not like it.

She ignored his saying continued to spend the money and enjoy. She never saved a penny form the coin.

She never thought about the future, as she thought she is going to get the money everyday from her father. So she was very careless and spent the money carelessly. She continued to buy things which were not required. Alice spent the money carelessly.

After watching both the girls for a few days, father was very tensed. He did not understand hoe to explain Alice about the importance of the money. He was very worried for her. Mother saw him tensed. After speaking to him, she understood the whole problem. She had a wonderful idea to teach Alice the importance of money. They both decided a plan to teach Alice the importance.

He was once again called the both the girls together. He asked them to come and sit near him. Both the girls came near him. He said to both the girls that from now onwards he will not be able to give them any money, as he has planned to buy anew farm for the family. They will have to do all the things on their own. They will have spent their own money and help in the house too.

Angel was very happy listening this. She quickly and happily agreed to this. She quickly got her piggy bank from her bag gave it to her father a small help from her side. Father and mother were very happy seeing this. They hugged her happily. They were very happy to see their daughter help them always.

But Alice was not at all happy with this. She had no money to spend now. She had spent all the money carelessly. She had never saved a penny. She was in tears. She had no money now. She was completely penny less. She was very worried now. She did not understand hoe to speak to her parents about this.

She had now realized, how carelessly she had spent all her money. Her father had warned her for the same, but she did not take it correctly.

Now she was in tears and started weeping. Her parents were watching her for quiet sometime.

She went to her parents and said sorry to her parents. She had now realized her mistake and was sorry for this. Seeing this her father told her the truth.

She now promised her parents that she would spend the money carefully henceforth.

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