Forest Feast – A Story

Tiger Photo by Gary Whyte from Pexels
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Forest Feast – A Story

Once upon a time, there was a big big forest. Many animals lived in that forest.

There were snakes, lion, tiger, monkey, dear, pigs, bear, giraffe, horse, rabbit, tortoise, ducks  and many more.

Birds like crow, sparrow, parrots, eagle too lived in that forest.

One fine morning all the animals gathered near the river side of the jungle.

All very talking and laughing together.

All were having fun. They were singing songs, some of them were dancing. All were having a wonderful time together.

Suddenly a wonderful idea struck the mind of the little rabbit of the forest.

He said , “ Listen Listen everyone. I have a wonderful idea. “

“What is it?”, said the sparrow from the top of tree.

Rabbit said, “Lets prepare lunch  together. All will make few things  and then we can have feast today.”

“Ohh… What a lovely idea”, chirped the sparrow.

“Yes, Yes “, agreed the giraffe.

One by one al the animals liked the idea and agreed for the feast.

They all decided the menu for the feast.

The crow said, “ I will roast some Doklas” for us.

The sparrow said, “ I will make some yummy yummy chutney for all of us”.

Then came the camel. He said” Let me make some hot and sour soup for all of us.”

Hopping came the monkey from one branch to another. He said” I can only roast some papads for all .”

Then entered the pig. He said” Let me make some soft soft rice and dal for all of us.”

Then sat the eagle on the branch of a tree. She said” I will make some porridge for everyone.” And flew away.

Running came the horse. He said” Let me bake a delicious cake for all.” Saying this he ran to bake one.

Swimming cam the ducks. They said, “We will bring some fresh water for drinking for all.” And swam back in the river.

In the meanwhile, the giraffe cleaned the place with help of the little rat who  had come to help him.

The lion and the tiger also helped in the feast by collecting some big leaves for everyone to sit on.

They also made some dishes of dried leaves for eating.

Then meowed the furry little cat. She said,” I will make some sweet sweet gulabjamuns for all.” and ran away.

Barking came the dog and said” I will bring some nice fresh juicy fruits for all.” And ran away.

The bear came with a big plate of fresh and healthy salad for all. There were some fresh red carrots, juicy cucumber , red red tomatoes and some  fresh raddish too.

After the feast was over, all were thirsty. They drank the fresh and cool water brought by the ducks.

Soon all the animals had finished preparing  their dishes.

All came back near the riverside .

There were some papads, yummy doklas, chutney, porridge, cakes, sweet sweet gulabjamuns, healthy healthy salads, soft soft rice and dal.

Everyone sat down in a big circle and enjoyed the feast together.

After the feast all the animals danced together.

The nightingale was singing a melodious song for all the animals and birds, while the sparoows were chirping in their sweet sweet voice.

All the animals were very happy.

The whole forest was ahappy place for all the animlas and birds to live.

The tree were blowing pleasant and fresh breeze for all the animlas and birds.

There was so much fun for all.

So, in this way all the animals enjoyed their lovely , delicious, yummy and wonderful forest feast.

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