Where to Get Real Happiness

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Where to Get Real Happiness

As soon as we were born as a human. But due to many reasons our life has become complicated. But, if the planet on which we are living safely was like any other creature, then life would be very simple. Eat, drink, sleep, bear children and one day die. Now we have to do all these things too. But, how? where are you now; Wherever you are is not enough, but to get real happiness from our life. To be satisfied more than happily, having the same expectations of one’s own life. Don’t you wanna be a little bit more than what you are now, expect not bad

Where is happiness?

If, you only know money; so, maybe you are thinking of a little more money. If, you only know happiness, then maybe a little more happiness, strength, a little more power, everyone wants to be a little more than their current situation. The process of desire is constantly going on. Whether you are going to work, or you are going to drink alcohol, or you are going to the temple, or you are getting married, or have children, or you are studying in university. Everything in life was in pursuit of happiness.

For the last 100 years, we have changed the face of this planet using science and technology. Today we have such amenities, which no other generation could have ever imagined. We are definitely the most relaxed generation on this planet ever, but, are you the happiest generation today? So, it has not worked. Trees in every living being, from plants to animals and even humans have paid a great price for making these amenities; & we are not happy either. Then what is the use of this?

Change of world-

  We have engineered the world in many ways today, in order to work better for us. We have not done anything about ourselves? The time has come to pay attention to this thing. Isn’t it … How many moments of happiness had you experienced in your last 24 hours? When you were 5 years old, when, you were a child, how many moments of happiness did you experience in 24 hours. Somehow the whole equation have turned.

It doesn’t matter where you are now; Whether you are sitting in a palace or in heaven. But, if your inner condition is not good, then it does not matter. Isn’t it … our mind could have been a source of ecstasy. But, for most people this mind became a source of sorrow. Why these stress, a anxieties, tensions in our life. You just don’t know how to handle these things. There is only one problem of your life, your life is not going that way, just as you think it should be. This is the only problem? Is there any other problems?. No human will ever be 100% around you, as you want, no one is what you want.

How does it manage ?

People have concluded; That stresses are a part of their lives. Stress is not a part of your life, the only thing is that you don’t know how to manage your body, you may do not know how to manage your mind. You do not know how to manage your emotions and your life energies, everything is happening by chance.

If, all things have to be that way; As you wish, in the case of the world you have begun to understand this, that you have to engineer them again. This also applies to you. No separate, no special engineering has been done for you. You are just trying to live with cooperation. Therefore, now you just need about creating the right kind of chemistry as following, to  get real happiness in your life.

Be honest with yourself, family, society, and duties.

Keep yourself away from unnecessary things.

Update yourself with global activities.

Understand the need of the present.

 Bring nature to nature and be sociable.

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