The Heinous Revenge

CCTV Photo by Erik Mclean from Pexels
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The Heinous Revenge

In a small village named Sukinda, there once lived an unmarried man, named Hariya. Hariya was a very honest clerk in the Tehsil office of the District Magistrate. He was very obsessed with the watches his seniors wore in the office. He used to tell Pintu, another clerk in the office, “One day I will become so rich that I will buy a collection of watches which are far better than these!” He used to be a very optimistic guy and a very talented person as he could easily differentiate between what is right and wrong.

2 years, Hariya moved to the city of  Bhubaneswar and happily married. In Bhubaneswar., Hariya used to work as a supervisor in a factory and used to earn a handsome salary which was sufficient enough to run his household and also fulfill some of his desires. He was working at the factory happily and also now with the salary he earned he could fulfill his desire to purchase different watches.

But on a chilly winter morning in December, Hariya got a call from the owner of the factory and the owner asked him to immediately report him to the factory. Hariya hurriedly got up from his bed and brushed his teeth and then started towards this office. But when he reached the office he got the biggest surprise of his life. He saw 5-6 police vans were standing outside the office along with fire brigades. He saw that the factory was half burnt and there was smoke everywhere. When he went inside the factory he saw that the owner was wailing. He went near him and tried to console him. And then we asked one of the employees what happened, how did the factory got burnt. The employee said that due to a short circuit near the control room, the whole factory got engulfed in fire and got burnt.

 Then the police official completed all their formalities and went and gradually, all the employees also went back to their quarters at noon. Hariya too went back to his quarter but he was upset as now the factory got burned, there is a high possibility that he might lose his job as he heard some of the top officials discussing that he owns is now in huge loss after his factory got burnt.

But the next day he decided to investigate the matter personally as he felt something suspicious. He immediately called his friend Bansi who was a private detective and told him the matter. They decided to go to the factory and check if they can get some clue. At night they both went near the factory and searched every desk and but they didn’t receive anything. But suddenly they both heard some whispering and footsteps. They followed in their footsteps and they were astonished to see that the owner’s brother along with some men were doing something remaining part of the office that was not burnt.

And they saw that the owner’s brother was carrying a container and on which it was written highly flammable liquid, and Hariya took out his smartphone clicked those pictures.  And Hariya and his detective friend went to the security room to check if they can get the hard disk where the CCTV recording of the previous was stored. Then they got some hard disks but they were all burnt, but then he found one hard disk which was in good condition.

 He immediately connected it with the computer and saw the recording and found that the previous day also the owner’s brother and some men had gone near the control room and had spilled the highly flammable liquid container near the room and then lighted a matchstick and threw it on it. Without wasting any further moment, Hariya immediately mailed the CCTC footage to his owner and also to the police along with pictures he had clicked.

And he called his boss and also the police and requested them to come there immediately as the owner’s brother was still there.  They all arrived within a few minutes, and Hariya had requested to come silently as the police van’s siren could alert the owner’s brother and he could run away.

Hariya then escorted them to the place where had seen the owner’s brother and his other men. When they reached there they found that the owner’s brother was again in an attempt to burn the remaining part of the building. Police immediately arrested him and upon interrogation, it was found that the owner had denied his brother to lend any money as his brother was a drunkard and was addicted to gambling and he was a lost all his money in this.

So to revenge the owner, his brother had devised a plan to burn the factory and as he was also a nominee in the insurance of the factory, he would claim the insurance money and would become a billionaire.

After knowing about the truth of his brother owner got very sad.  But as Hariya found the culprit and also saved the remaining part of the factory. The owner decided to promote him to the rank of the manager of the factory also raised his salary. Not only this he also gave him Rupees 6 lakhs as a reward. Hariya was very happy, he have some part of the reward for his detective friend Bansi. And now Hariya could fulfill his desire to purchase a different collection of watches. And thus he led a happy and prosperous life afterward.

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