New Education Policy and Challenges in India

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New Education Policy and Challenges in India, an Overview

Apart from the economy and social life, the education system has been most affected by the corona virus. Primary school to higher level educational institutions & the future of education is passing through a period of uncertainty. Ever since, the corona pandemic has engulfed the world, a new round of worldwide lockdown is underway. Our entire social structure has been badly affected by Covid-19 (Corona).

There is an old saying – ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’. Even, when there is a lockdown everywhere, it is necessary to fulfil the daily needs of humans. Although, ‘online shopping’ has been going on for decades, but at the time of the lockdown, the speed of its usage got wings. Is there any other option of the supply of daily life? The present circumstances have given a new market to ‘online shopping’.

When, people were unable to go out and shop, it was natural to opt for ‘online shopping’. Globally, this pandemic has changed the behaviour and ways of consumers. Many people who had never shopped online in their lifetime were also forced to shop ‘online’. At the time of complete lockdown in many developed countries, citizens had no option but to go ‘online’. If, it is a matter of a few days, it is different, but if, it is going to remain like this for a long time, then far-reaching plans have to be made. New options and routes have to be found.

]The (WHO) World Health Organization has also already warned that the coronavirus may be permanent. According to health experts, even after the pandemic subsides, the corona virus is likely to be included in the list of infectious diseases. Maybe, it will remain so for decades to come.

Education policy had not changed from 34 years. The government had formed two committees regarding education policy. One was the TSR Subramaniam committee and the other Dr. K. Kasturirangan committee was formed. India’s education system has now been redesigned according to the needs of the 21st century. In this crisis of epidemic, the government will have to work on war footing to fulfil the goals set in the education policy. The government will have to select new teachers on a large scale.

They will have to be trained according to the new policy. The existing teachers will also have to prepare for the new education policy. A strong action plan will have to be prepared so that, the objectives of this policy can be fulfilled. New resources have to be developed for the students. They have to provide resources so that, students are not deprived of education due to lack of resources.

What’s the solution?

In the context of online education, two important points regarding technology and online teaching have been included in the New Education Policy 2020 of the Government of India:

Integration and Technology Use

Online and Digital Education

The use of technology and online education are of great importance due to the ‘corona epidemic’ spreading globally. If, positive work is done on both these points, then undoubtedly it will bring good results in the education world.

Even after the pandemic subsides, the government, teachers, and students, parents will have to work hard. If, we look at the circumstances of this time, available resources, then it is definitely difficult if not impossible to achieve the set goals, but with collective effort and determination it can undoubtedly be possible.

‘Where there is a will there is a way.’ There is also a discussion on ‘Promotion of Indian Languages, Art and Culture’ in the New Education Policy 2020. How to preserve Indian values ​​while using technology and promoting online learning? This requires in-depth discussion.

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