How to maintain Healthy Skin

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How to maintain Healthy Skin

Healthy skin indicates a healthy body. Skin is most important for good health, protects your body from infections and germs. It’s the first protection for your body. Caring for skin is as important as treating your body. You should take care of your derma cautiously. Many beauty support and anti-aging products are there for you, prepared by a huge number of industries, but taking care of your skin by just using some industrial products isn’t enough. You might be thinking about how to maintain good skin, so, in this article, we will provide you with some healthy skin tips for face:

Use of a healthy and secure sunscreen:

Use a secure sunscreen daily throughout the year, will protect you from carcinogenic ultraviolet radiation. The basic cause of the change in texture and change in colour of aging epidermis is ultraviolet radiation. Dermatologists suggest a mineral-based sun cream. It will act as an external barricade to protect you from harmful UV rays. Remember to apply the sun cream as a final step after cosmetics. No other cream will be able to penetrate once you apply it.


Dermatologists list exfoliation as one of the primary tips for glowing face. You just need mild exfoliation with an effective exfoliate (containing alpha-hydroxyl acids), will nullify the dead cells, accelerate absorption of beauty care things, and expose glowing surface. Before using any beauty substances, make sure that it doesn’t contain irritating acids like lemon juice or tomato juice, particularly on your face, which may take off natural oils from the top layer and render it more delicate to sunlight. Use a stable exfoliate product for oily cutis, suitable for deep scrubbing, and choose a mild one for dry cutis containing fewer cleansing agents.

Moisturize regularly:

Your skin may become dry due to climate, aging, or some other reason, but you don’t need to worry about it. This can be simply done by moisturizer. Moisturizers not only give protection but also increase the surface color and texture. Moisturizers, whether containing humectants, occlusive, or emollients, rehydrate the top layer and didn’t let it dry out. For oily cutis, opt for lotion or gel and go with creams for the dry one. Look for moisturizers containing salicylic acid if you have acne-prone dermis  and for sensitive types, equable ingredients like green tea, vitamin C, and aloe are the best choices.

Take a healthy diet:

Food for clear and glowing skin needs to be chosen wisely. Taking plenty of water, a huge number of fruits and vegetables is a natural way of maintaining healthy dermis. Try supplementing collagen-containing amino acids. It will promote the health of the top cell layer. Eat a diet rich in vitamins, particularly E and C, refined carbohydrates, beneficial fats, and fish oil supplements, will help you look young.

Don’t smoke:

Smoking is the main factor in aging skin and wrinkles. One of the healthy skin tips for face is not to smoke. Smoking decelerates the healing power, worsens surface damaged collagen and elastin, increases the risk of Carcinoma and Melanoma. Moreover, it narrows blood vessels, slows blood flow that in turn renders you to look paler. If you want a smooth, glowing, and young look, say no to smoking.


How to maintain good skin is all about knowing the facts that will keep your epidermis healthy. Take steps to care for your skin safely. Eat a healthy diet, use beauty care products cautiously, exfoliate properly and moisturize regularly. You don’t need to use costly products, but proper knowledge of analysing the product that you are going to apply. Always be smart and wise in maintaining healthy skin.

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