Narcotics Raid – All live happily ever after

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Narcotics Raid – All live happily ever after

A star brat has been caught in a narcotics raid. Every one is happy. Including the brat and his parents.The brat has got a lot of publicity. In BollyDawood, there’s no bad publicity. There are many who are already sympathizing with the young 23 year old ‘victim’, who is as innocent as the lamb that his father slaughters on Bakrid.

 1.When he gets bail today or tomorrow, he’ll be booked by twenty film producers who would want to star him in their next project to en cash on the victim’s current fame.

2.The father of the brat- whose career was sagging- will get a new lease of life- he’s now become another victim of a totalitarian regime, when he’s actually a distressed parent who’s already in deep pain because his son went astray despite his best parenting efforts. 

3. The Narcotics Burueau that nabbed the brat are happy. This is like inheriting a gold mine. All they have to do is dilute the charges on the brat and hit pay dirt.

4. The defense lawyers are licking their lips in anticipation of the fat bills they will write. So are the court employees for fixing early hearing for bail as well as a host of sundry mentionable and other holy cows who may not be mentioned who all foresee an unanticipated fortune for a slight bending of the law. 

5.The media is like a monkey that has overdosed on potent rum. They will run behind the brat, his father, mother, girlfriend, lawyer, driver and his pet dog, to boost their TRPs. 

6. The politicians are also happy. The ruling regime can flex its muscles in favour of the brat as he’s from the permanent victimhood cult. That gives them an opportunity to prove their secular credentials.

7. The opposition can go to town about the vindictiveness of the ruling regime and how they are hounding a young darra hua chooha. 

8. After bail, the case will drag on for 25 years with plenty of adjournment by the courts, benefitting the legal fraternity for long. After the mandatory 25 years, the brat, now a middle-aged, Botoxed buffoon still romancing 18 somethings, would be honorably acquitted for lack of evidence. when you and I are dead and gone and those living don’t remember what the case was about. 

9. In the unfortunate event of the brat getting convicted and jailed, he will get parole, which is another lucrative opportunity for the cops and the rulers. 

So you see how when a rich brat is arrested for a misdemeanor or felony, the entire ecosystem is benefitted. It helps the economy by redistribution of wealth and lifting many from poverty or a mendacious middle-class status. 

All involved, will be laughing to the Bank while morons like you and me think this would lead to a clean-up of the drug problem or that the guilty would be punished.

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