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Guru Purnima

First of all, my heartfelt greetings to every guru and to all of you,
Happy Guru Purnima.

Guru Purnima is a very important festival celebrated in Hindu, Buddhist and Jain religions and has a different history of all three religions.

Today’s generation will be able to greet their teachers on the occasion of Guru Purnima.
But how many of them know the meaning of Guru Purnima?
How many would know the reason for the celebration of Guru Purnima?

Let me first mention that the glory of Guru Purnima is that the day is dedicated in honour of Maharishi Vedvyas, the creator of the Mahabharata and the Shrimad-Bhagavad Gita, which is a vital part of Hindu culture.
Which is called purnima, which is the night of the full moon.

It is now the guru’s story.
He is someone who guides us the right way…
Guru is not just your teacher,
it is not necessary that a guru is a dharma guru.
Anyone who guides you on the right path or who is motivated to follow the right path can be a guru.
There may be different gurus at different stages of life.

Our guru who explains the difference between what is right and wrong.
What our teachers in school and college show the truth for our future.
Civilization in us. Understanding..
They are our guru,

The mother who is born with a child teaches her to walk, speak, live in the world, so she is a guru.

A father teaches a child the worldly world, so he is a guru.

If someone shows us the way, he will attain the same position as our guru for the time he is.

God gives us wisdom by giving us life and therefore he is our guru.
Guru is not a word.
The guru himself is a meaning.
There is a definition.
Which simply means “darkness………..”. Remove ignorance.’

Everyone who gives you good advice is your guru.
There is no guarantee that every guru who gives this advice will give good advice. This is the key age…
What to believe and not say changes per person.
But that is why the guru’s glory does not diminish.
The guru is the person who makes your life valuable and brings you new identity.
Over the years,
we have been giving greetings to Guru Purnima.
Our teachers and religious gurus have been preached but few of our mothers have the real knowledge of Guru Purnima.

Today’s younger generation believes in being practical.
Where every thing is available on Google today,
why does a student go to a teacher,
it is necessary and necessary to be with him.
Gurus are always revered.

But today is a special day to celebrate the Guru’s Disciple tradition, once again, many greetings to you all.
Pray that we have gurus who guide the right path at every stage of life.

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