Is Ravioli Healthy For Your Dog? Know If Your Doggy Can Eat Ravioli

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Is Ravioli Healthy For Your Dog? Know If Your Doggy Can Eat Ravioli

Ravioli, an Italian conventional cuisine, is a sort of pasta, that comprises a filling enfold in a thin dough of pasta. Generally served with sauces or in broth, these dishes are available in a variety of different kinds of fillings. Without any doubt, this delectable dish is prominent all over the world. Many people enjoy the delicious taste of this dish oftentimes. And what we find delicious, we always want our dog to taste it.

But, is ravioli healthy for your dog? Are there any ingredients in ravioli that are toxic for your furry companion? Come! read this write-up and all your questions will be answered.

Is Ravioli Healthy For Your Dog? Is It A Nutritious Food?

Ravioli is healthy or not for your dog, depends on its fillings and ingredients. Some of the ravioli is ok to feed your dog and are also somewhat nutritious as they don’t contain many harmful ingredients. Their fillings are also non-toxic for your dog. But, they too must be given in limitation to your dog for their high salt & carbohydrate contents.

Besides, they must be added occasionally to your dog’s food list. However, there are also other kinds of ravioli, that are dangerous for the health of your dog. So, for knowing how healthful is ravioli for your dog, you have to know a lot of things in detail about ravioli. And, that includes its nutrition facts, its varieties, etc. So, let’s proceed with that.

Nutrition Contents In Ravioli:

1 cup serving size or 213 grams of ravioli comprises 180 calories and 17 percent calories from fat. It also has 31grams of carbohydrates, 3.4 grams of fat, and 5 milligrams of cholesterol in it. Besides, it is also a source of 730 milligrams of sodium, 8.9 grams of glucose, and 3 grams of fiber. Moreover, 6 grams of protein, 10 percent of Vitamin A, 6 percent Vitamin C, and 80 milligrams of calcium are there in it. Other than that, it has no fatty acid or amino acid in it but has 0.7 milligrams of iron.

So, you can understand that ravioli itself is nutritious and healthy other than the fact that the calories, fats & carbohydrate content in it is high. So, there is no problem in it to give your dog some occasional treats of ravioli.

But, before giving it to your poochie, ensure that you are providing the ravioli with the right type of fillings to it. This is because some type of fillings may not suit your dog and create digestive issues in it. It is recommended to avoid daily consumption of ravioli for your dogs. This is because of the high content of some ingredients in it that may not suit your dog’s system.

What Are The Different Types Of Ravioli & Can Your Dog Eat Them?

Ravioli may be of different types based on the fillings used in it. But, are all of these fillings ok for your dog to eat? Keep reading:

Beef Ravioli:

These are kinds of ravioli with fillings of the best meat in them. As we know that canines like to eat meat and it suits their system too, so beef ravioli is ok for your pet. Also, the dog food of many brands contains beef in them. Other than beef, chicken and turkey are also the healthiest meats for dogs.

Ravioli with tomato filling:

Ripe tomatoes are totally safe for dogs to eat if fed in moderation. Though, the green portions of the plant of tomatoes, cause poisoning in dogs, if eaten in large quantities. But, as ravioli has none to do with that and it only has pure tomato fillings in it, so nothing to worry about.

Cracker meal ravioli:

Cracker meal is a component found in different types of food. It is used as a substitute for breadcrumbs. It comprises bleached flour that is processed with various chemicals. So, Crackermeal ravioli is not at all good for your dog.

Cheese ravioli:

These ravioli comprise lesser salt than beef ravioli. It has a high sodium content. Cheese in general is good if you are thinking of an occasional treat for your dog. This is because it has calcium and several minerals in it. So, cheese ravioli is safe for your dog, though in moderation.

Mushroom ravioli:

This kind of ravioli is also nutritious and healthful for your furry animal, though in moderation.

Spinach ravioli:

It is not a great idea to feed your dog with spinach ravioli, though it is still a controversial topic. Spinach has a good portion of iron, Vitamin A, antioxidants, Vitamin B & Vitamin C. But, as it also has oxalic acid in it, it’s better to avoid it. This is because oxalic acid may cause kidney damage to your doggy. Though, such kidney damage is possible only with the consumption of a large amount of spinach by your dog.

Is Pasta From Which Ravioli Is Made, Ok For Your Dog?

Yes, pasta is safe for your dog. But, since, it is a high-carbohydrate food, better give it to your dog occasionally.  It is not an ideal diet for your canine if you are thinking of feeding it regularly. Pasta comprises protein, phosphorus, and also selenium in it, which are good for your pet. But, it is better to search for another low carb nutrient-rich food instead of pasta, that your dog will eat happily regularly. Also, pasta is eaten along with the sauce, which can be harmful to your pet’s digestive system. But, it doesn’t mean that your dog can never eat pasta. Occasional consumption of pasta without any sauce will not harm your dog.

Ingredients In Ravioli That Are Toxic For Dogs

After all, ravioli is made of pasta dough and dogs can occassionally eat pasta, isn’t it? So, why should we concern before giving ravioli to our dog?

Well! the thing is not about pasta but about its fillings and other ingredients. And, some of its ingredients may be toxic for your pooch. Beware of the following ingredients in ravioli before lovingly offering ravioli to your furry friend:


The ravioli that tastes yummy comprises a large amount of salt in it. For instance, 246 grams of ravioli comprises 750 milligrams of salt. And, that proportion of salt is really hazardous for your dog, even if it is a German Shepherd. For a medium-sized dog or a small Chihuahua, it’s double dangerous. So, if you want to give ravioli to your pet, serve it to your dog in a very small proportion, and that too occasionally. Otherwise, your pooch may get poisoned from the salt content in the food.

High Fructose syrup of corn:

This is a type of sweetener that is cheap & harmful for your animal. A high quantity of fructose is present in it that may damage the liver of your pet.  Though a can of ravioli has only 2 percent of this syrup and it can’t kill your pooch, still, it’s unhealthy for your canine.

Textured Vegetable protein:

This ingredient is primarily soy. It’s a substitute for meat and is well known among vegans. Soy is also found in numerous pet foods as well. But, then why is it toxic for your dog?

The reason is that the soy in ravioli may be of the genetically modified kind and may pose severe health risks to your doggy.

Dehydrated onion:

Onion & garlic are hazardous foods for dogs when consumed in a large amount. And, it’s simply that the dehydrated onion present in ravioli may also be dangerous for your dog.

Summing Up:

So, yes, dogs can definitely enjoy the delicious taste of ravioli but, always ensure that it is given in a very small portion to your pets. Also, avoid giving ravioli daily to your dog. After all, you have a lot of concern for your lovely furry household member and its health. So, why make it ill just for the sake of giving it enjoyment with foods like ravioli? There are also many healthy options available in the market instead of ravioli. Go for them and make your pet happy.

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