The Story of a Spectacled Person

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The Story of a Spectacled Person

Imagine, you have gone for a vacation on a beach and you are in the best of your moods. Splashing waves are waving at you and beckoning you to join them. You just run towards them and embrace them in joy! And… away it goes… far, far away… You manage to get back to the place where you have kept your belongings and search for a spare, knowing quite well you haven’t packed one. The rest of your life you will definitely remember it to be a blurry vacation with blurred memories.

It happens.

Once you step out fully dressed for a party and your better half scans you from top to bottom and comments, “Looking gorgeous!” You blush and give time for the compliment to sink in. But the next moment something else also sinks in- the realization that you have forgotten to wear your best friend for life. Alas! Without them, you are in no position to even glare at your husband in rage.

It also happens.

Coming out of an AC room, having a hot shower, sipping your morning tea and not to forget the recent tragedy of the mask task are too much for a ‘spectacled’ person to bear. The prevailing mist is never going to leave you. Hard fact to accept I know, but fact is fact, or to put in other words- science is science. Really, you just can’t ignore it. It will be there always to remind you of your ‘spectacled’ existence.

In an examination hall, you must have sometime or the other wished that your best friend for life could have helped you a little bit further to master the art of peeking into the exam paper of the most studious student who was sitting a mile away. Or it might have also happened that you were able to fool the examiner with the aid of the extreme ‘power’ you possessed. And yes, not to forget, once it also gave me immense pleasure to my teenage eyes which ogled at the fine-looking boys without even letting them realize the act.

 So, it’s not always bad you see.

My best friend forever has its own way of living. It has a habit of disappearing at the most wanted moment- like when I desperately want to witness a sudden goal scored or an unexpected sixer. It teases me by popping up at the least desired places. Sometimes it even goes a step ahead to embarrass me. Twice it has made the glass fall out of its frame in front of distinguished guests!!!!

Sounds somewhat familiar right?

Now comes the most emotional moment of my life. It’s the day when I laid on the operation table with my legs stretched waiting for my baby to arrive who had already given me a hard labour. The doctor by then was very well accustomed to the vocal classical music which I had started quite a long time back. And with one last push out came my darling. The doctor, taking my new-born in his hand asked me, “Look, you have a wonderful baby! It’s a ………” and was waiting for me to finish his unfinished sentence.

I started wailing along with my baby. My doctor panicked. He tried to console me by saying, “Don’t cry dear! Look at me. I am also a father of two beautiful girls and I am proud of them. Oh, I see! So, all this time were you expecting a boy?” I think he would have gone on and on if I wouldn’t have cried out, “Where are my glasses? Will someone give me my glasses? I CAN’T SEE ANYTHING !!!!”  The embarrassed doctor returned to sewing me up.  

Such is the story of a ‘spectacled’ person.

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