Say Yes to Natural Tooth Brush

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Yes to Natural Tooth Brush; No to Problematic Plastic

Brushing your teeth is one of the earliest things, probably everyone does in the morning. As it helps to remove food and plaque containing bacteria on your teeth. Regular intake of sugary and refined foods causes cavities, bad breath, and gum disease. To avoid those problems proper oral care is a must.

Generally, to clean our teeth we use a plastic toothbrush with paste on the bristles. To some extent, it cleans well, removes plaque, and refreshes your mouth.

But have you ever thought that your tiny toothbrush has become a huge evil to the environment?

Firstly, let us know the rising problem created by toothbrushes.  In addition, I’m going to explore some best alternate methods that protect your oral health naturally and more effectively without damaging our mother nature.

Problematic Plastic Toothbrush

Where does all this go? You will be shocked to know the fact that every single plastic toothbrush we have used since 1930, is still lying as trash somewhere on the earth affecting human, animal, marine lives, and the planet.

The first plastic toothbrush was manufactured in the early 1930 s.  As You know, plastic takes centuries of years to decompose. The foremost thing is that we don’t recycle it properly.

After using, people throw this plastic waste into the landfills. Sometimes intentionally and other times accidentally.

Plastic can disintegrate to microplastics throughout exposure to the heat or water. These microplastic disperse across the earth and the toxic chemicals bind with microplastic and become more poisonous to aquatic animals. Which may end up with our meals.

Toxic chemicals are used in the production of plastic which is cancerous to the human body.

Our dentist recommends changing the toothbrush every 3 to 4 months. This ends up buying more stuff, as they are attracting brands with colors, features etc.

According to survey, Plastic toothbrushes add about 50 million pounds of waste every year into the dumping ground.

These factors also contribute to the emission of greenhouse gases and result in climate change.

Natural solutions

As plastic toothbrushes can be very harmful to the environment, there are safe alternatives that reduce the damage being done.

Twigs: Neem, Babool, Meswak

If you are from India, you might have seen people living in villages use twigs as datun to brush their teeth. Twigs of various trees like Neem, Babool and Meswak are widely used. They are natural,eco-friendly. They may not look fancy but are far more effective than your conventional brush.

Each portion of the neem tree is used in healing and treating ailments.  Due to its immense medicinal properties’ neem tree has a leading place in Ayurveda.  You might have seen in Tv ads that neem bark is used in toothpaste and powders. Babool prevents bleeding gums and bad odor.

Advantage of brushing with these twigs is you don’t need any additional paste on it.

They themselves have Strong antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Effectively removes plaque, prevents tooth decay and bad breath, and makes gums stronger, teeth whiter.

If you are new to these sticks, just chew the end of the stick up to one inch till it shreds like bristles. That’s it! your toothbrush is ready. brush slowly like you do with conventional brush. It reaches and cleans effectively at the areas where your plastic toothbrush can’t.

Neem is bitter in taste, babool has slightly sweet flavor, meswak has slightly gingery taste. Choose anyone that you like and available for you.

Plant these trees in your surroundings. Usage of twigs demand for supply, as a result planting trees are required which contributes to afforestation.

Bamboo Toothbrush

If you are habituated with plastic toothbrushes and can’t leave it, there is an alternative that works effectively and is eco-friendly. Bamboo toothbrushes are 100% biodegradable.

Bamboo is sustainable and one of the fastest growing plants in the world

Bamboo toothbrushes have antimicrobial properties.

If you think to substitute plastic toothbrushes, the above are the things that will help you to move into a greener future. A little change in your daily routine makes a big difference.

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