Small decision making ways that bring larger imprints in life

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Small decision making ways that bring larger imprints in life

Someone said that life is how we mold it. In every step of ours, there’s a greater role of decisions in it. And one of the amazing things about decision making is that it never bounds within any time frame. You can choose for yourself at any point in time because it’s not too tardy to make a decision. A decision of yours can take your whole life to implement it or you can fulfill it within a few seconds. 

Let’s find out some of the ways you can develop excellent decision making skills. For your convenience, a few example stories are also mentioned below. 

  1. Make a decision that will help you in the long term.

You must make decisions that will help you for a longer duration. Don’t lie on such ideas which are hard to implement and will not change your life positively. Act smartly and look for the best decisions that suit you.

The below childhood folklore story will make the point more clear for you. 

  • Akber’s riddle and Birbal’s witty response. 

One day in the assembly Emperor Akbar invited all his ministers together. When they all gathered, Akbar, indicating towards the garden, asked the ministers to pick their favorite flower. Some have chosen the velvety roses and the rest have picked the vibrant Sunflowers. 

Seeing Birbal quiet, Akbar asked Birbal – “ Birbal, my favorite, which flower will you take if I offer you one?” 

Birbal with a wide smile on his face replied-“My majesty, I will prefer any flower which can dress the entire world rather than red roses or sunflowers. And that’s why I will choose cotton balls over roses and sunflowers. ” 

Akbar was amazed and so were we! Therefore, your decision making skills must consider those short-term decisions in which you can invest. You should think of those decisions which will give you a bright future.

  1. Live in your present time. 

Often we have a common tendency of foreseeing what can happen in the future. And bases all our decisions according to the future terms. But the irony is that most of our foreseen events don’t happen in the future.  By only imagining what will happen or maybe what already has happened you are robbing your present moment.  Your today’s small decision making skills can mold a better future and erase your past nightmares. Always focus on what the current situation demands from your side. Live in the present time and contribute your best. Rest everything will work like a miracle for you. 

  1. Don’t think much about the risks behind your decision. 

One of the problems, why we fail to implement our decision, is that we are too scared about the future. We turn our back from every action where risk is involved. But that lags us from our life’s motive. You have to understand that risk is involved in almost everything. Therefore, just hiding from our fear of risks will not make us reach anywhere. 

  you should try to encourage your decision making power and embrace all the small decisions you make for your life. 

Now, for clear understanding let’s bring a story in front of you.

  • A life story of Ramabai 

Today, widow remarriage, converting to other religious beliefs has become quite common. But more than a hundred years ago, such a situation was not present in Indian society. You have heard about Pandita Ramabai, right? She was way ahead of her time. As one of the early Sanskrit scholars, she didn’t have a pleasant past. She has lost her father, mother, and husband at a very early age. But her one small and highly criticized decision of opening an education center for widows has made her memorable in the pages of history. At her time she even received many threats from the orthodox caste leaders and colonizers but she remained determined to her decision.  For her one life-changing decision, she was even praised

 in western countries like the USA. 

So, try to take a lesson from Ramabai’s life-changing story. Just think if she would have thought about how risky it can be for her to bring such reforms at that time then she would have never won so much respect for her charismatic personality. 

  1. Make small investments for larger output.

A small decision making initiative will not necessarily turn your fate overnight. But it does create a path for you. It helps you in opening your eyes to make you walk a long way. You can implement your small impossible decision into reality by each day taking smaller steps for it. Suppose you have opened a small company, it will need time to grow into a brand. Try to make smaller monetary as well as time investment on your dream decision. Surely you will see success in some days. 

  1. Never get pessimistic about your life.

Indeed, sometimes life does not go well and there remains no hope to live. No decision making skill, expectations, and overall nothing works out. But that’s the time you have to build yourself. Maybe your entire life will depend on that one small decision. Think of something hopeful and based on which you can live a better life. And that’s the time you will find beauty and miracles in life. Life never runs in a monotonous way, if you are in a rough patch then wait for the next moment. 

  1. Discuss with your well-wishers.

You can entrust your future decision only to those whom you completely trust. Therefore, take their suggestion before you make your milestone decision. Take some of their ideas and come up with some of your own and prepare the best decision. At the same, you will be worthy of taking the correct decision when you stay with the right people. So, feel good with the right people. 

  1. Read good books and make your decision. 

Most of the time small yet major decisions we make come to our mind in no time. And reading books expands the horizons of our mind. No one knows when and which character from a fiction book will strike your mind. Maybe you start setting someone as your idol and your decision making is inspired by him. Books are true blessings. So, read good books and plan for the right decision in your life. 

Summing up.

Your decision is what sets a purpose for your life. It’s only after deciding something that we can find success in our life. Our decision making skills work better when we blend our instincts with rationality. That is, it’s fine to decide something when you are feeling for it. But at the same analyze the intuitive idea with your logic of how far you can turn it into reality. At the same time, never overthink about the likelihood of risks involved with your decision. It is so because safety is only an illusion, as nothing is free from risk. 

At last, no matter how busy you are, take out time to read good books which will mold your decisions. 

So, be ready to transform your small decision into a milestone in your life. 

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