Memories – A tale of Lord Krishna

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Memories – A tale of Lord Krishna

We all have memories, be it good, bad; our state of mind is based on these memories. A happy memory can bring a lot of peace and enthusiasm in really boring day to day life. Similarly, imagine how would it be if God gets a memory, how would it be?? What would be the reaction?? Let us get into the details….

One day when little krishna in nandavraj was not eating food, mom started to tell him a story. 

Yashoda: krishna kanna, if you eat the food, I will tell you a story. 

Krishna: story!!! Ok ,ok, ok, I will eat. Tell me the story. 

Yashoda(starts to feed him): once upon a time, there lived a king named Dasaratha. He had four sons namely Ram, Lakshman, Bharat and Satrughna.

Krishna: umm.

Yashoda: Ram is a wonderful person; always tells the truth, always honest with everyone and a perfect person to become the king. 

Krishna: ummm

Yashoda: He gets married to sita, a woman with a beautiful heart. She is the mirror image of Ram while following Dharma. 

Krishna: ummmm

Yashoda: To keep his father’s word, Ram goes to the forest. Along with him, Sita and Laskhman also go to the forest. 

Krishna: ummm

Yashoda: in the forest, a demon named Raavan kidnaps Sita and takes her to Lanka. 

She stops and looks at Krishna as there is no “ummm” sound. Suddenly, krishna opens his eyes and says:

Krishna: Lakshmana, bring me the bow, I will kill this Raavana. 

Yashoda gets shocked and looking at Yashoda, Krishna understands the situation and smiles at her. 

Yashoda forgets what he said and hugs him and makes him go to sleep. 

An excerpt from puraanam…. 

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