5 steps you must follow to Write Like a Journalist

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How to Write Like a Journalist ? : 5 steps you must follow

Are you a writer or a student and want to write like a journalist ?

Well, writing like a journalist is an affect way to write a story or news articles.  it is also use to write academic papers, articles, novels and blogs. It’s effective because the key factors follows by a journalist while writing the news articles and stories. It is a method to write compelling story which can create  bonding with the readers.

In this article, we will learn how to write like a journalist in 5 steps and a guide with the help of anyone can start writing like a journalist.

What is mean by journalist writing?

Journalist writing is mostly use by the news companies and organizations to write stories which follows a structure of pyramid and other some key points. On the other hand, newspapers and televisions use journalist writing to write  news, real story and any situation. Nowadays, this style is in the use in various field expecting this.

How to write like a journalist in 5 steps

  1. Collect information to follow Journalistic writing- the first tape follows by a journalist to collect information by doing interviews or meeting the people related to their story to follow a systematic way.  if it’s not possible you can simply collect the information by any search engine.
  2. Create an own angle to write – every story has a specific structure also in the Journalistic you want to create own angle. Mainly there are two types, writing a news and writing a human related story. In news articles, the main information is filled in the first sector of story. you must find your own angle to present information in the first paragraph or maybe first page.
  3. Start journal with strong lede – it’s the first sector or paragraph of the story, which is known as important part of journalist writing. In this lede, you want to ask which, when , why to the story and answer of such questions questions will be the lede of your story or article. It is helpful for the readers to get quick information from starting point of your story.
  4. Write information systematically – a good journalist always want to write all collected information systematically in the article or story. This structure also named as inverted pyramid structure. Which means you want to divide your story in three parts.  The first sector is the lede, here you want to write major and main information about the topic. In the second section, you want to write collected information and supportive points of your topic. You must write main information firstly then you can explain supportive points. The last section is filled with  extra information about the topic, it might be interesting for the reader.
  5. Be simple to write – mostly journalist use active voice rather than passive because active voice requires few and quicker words to explain the information. Such as write  ‘ he fired the gun’ rather than ‘the gun was fired by him’.

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