5 Reasons Why Most People Are Not Happy

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5 Reasons Why Most People Are Not Happy

Happiness is something which no one else can bring to you, happiness comes from you, only you make yourself happy. In short, happiness lies in your control.

You know what, without your permission, nothing can make you unhappy or determine the bounds of your happiness. Even at this very moment one can take effective action to live happy and fulfilled life which you always dreamed of.

I am going to talk about 5 reasons why most people are not happy

  • Comfort Zone:

Getting stuck in comfort zone is the most common reason where there is lack of growth in people’s lives leading to lack of happiness.

Moreover, when we try to play extra safe in our lives, hiding our dreams, instead of moving the needle forward we end up regretting in later part of our lives.

  • Comparing yourself with others:

When you start comparing yourself with others is the moment you start ending up your own happiness. The more you will compare yourself with others, the more you want and more never ends and this more leads to an unhappy person. Furthermore, Comparison will only lead you in a state od consistent discontent.

If you really want a comparison, then do comparison with oneself you will never feel unhappy.

  • Lack of gratitude:

Being ungrateful in life is no doubt a biggest reason for many people to be unhappy in their lives. Besides, every day when you wake up, start your day with counting your blessings and start being grateful for them, instead of focusing on the things you lack, you surely will be very happy in your life.

  • Fear of Losing:

Yes, if you even have everything you ever wanted in your life but keep this fear in your mind that what if you lose everything one day, can lead to disaster like unhappy life.

This fear will never let you live fully, never let you be happy. So, stop worrying about losing everything and being unhappy, you have everything you must live happily, why to ruin all your happiness just because of this stupid fear.

  • Holding on to your past:

See, everyone has some beautiful and some bad past experiences but living in those bad past experiences leads to stress, anxiety and surely, unhappy life.

When you keep holding on your past, you are never able to take any action, you don’t move any further which leads to unhappiness.

You can’t go back in the past and undo everything, but instead, because of thinking about those days, you ruin your present and then a day will be there when you will regret thinking why you wasted your beautiful life, thinking about something which can never be undone.

So, stop thinking about what is gone, focus on your present, surely you will be happy always.


The first thing is your happiness is in your own hands. Give your best for whatever you do and you will get that feeling of fulfillment that will naturally create a sense of happiness. There is no need to ruin your present thinking about your past.

You are the best in your way and no one else can be like you this is why you don’t need to compare yourself with others.

Be grateful for what you have, being ungrateful can only ruin your happiness.

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