Why Do Writers Use Alliteration

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Why Do Writers Use Alliteration? : Definition and Reasons

Many of us have question about alliteration, why do writers use alliteration? Is alliteration important for a writer? And so on.

Unfortunately, it will be unstoppable but hopefully we will cover the concept of alliteration.

In short – generally, meditation is use in the headlines, poems and advertisement alliteration helps to catch out the attention of the people in all of them. It is mostly used while writing a poem. Alliteration helps the writer to create a new rhythm, harmony and inject focus of the poem. But it is not compulsory to use alliteration in all of the poems and Yes, it is important for a writer. Alliteration helps the writer; alliteration is mostly used by them in poems. You might have read headlines in the newspaper or may be an advertisement, also here alliteration helps them to grab out reader’s attention.

What is alliteration?

The definition of alliteration is those words that starts from same alphabet, those that sounds same, and this text of word arranged in the form of text is called as alliteration. But maybe first alphabet of two words can be different in second condition. If you don’t know so, let me remind, your alliteration is in the use from 1650th century.

There are two ways to find out alliteration in poems, headlines and ad. First one, is to check out starting alphabet of the text such as ‘ I can’t catch the crocodile’. if they are same then it will be considered as an example of alliteration. in second way you want to check is there any two words that sound same in the text such as ‘freaky Frankie’. It is not compulsory to have same alphabet in this way, they can be any other.

But it is not enough to find out alliteration because experts believe that’s’ and ‘sh’ sound same which means ‘sim shaky’ will be considered as alliteration. On the other hand, by considering all the factors like harmoniums, alliteration and many others, poet want to write a new poem. It is really a difficult task.

Why does writer use alliteration in the poem: 4 Reasons?

  1. Most of the time writers use alliteration to give a pleasant sound to the poem which means to grab about the attention of the reader.
  2. Second most reason is to create ‘readers mood’ better which means poem should seems interesting to the readers. Writer uses alliteration to arrange the words theoretically and to give any message or to leave a message for their readers by those words in the poem.
  3. An alternate name of the alliteration is initial rhyme, it is used to give different read them to the poem. If writers are using initial rhyme there, most of the time their goal is to poem should have an perfect rhyme. However, these types of poems are not popular comparing to the other types.
  4. Alliteration is the one of the best methods to signify chain of the poem (helps to link words in text of the poem).

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