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Life is unpredictable. We need to celebrate each day. This life is very precious. So never engage yourself in understanding your pain. Never think that you are alone. You should always try to work hard to live your lives to the fullest. For this, strong dedication is needed. You need to be very much courageous to smile in every ups and downs of life. If you practice being happy, then believe me you will be happy. There are certain steps or rules that you all need to follow in lives. So try them.

SET YOUR PRIORITY LIST-Put that entire thing in your priority list that gives you real happiness. Never get confused between desires and deserve. You deserve to be happy in your life. So go for that. The first thing that you need to do is to decide how you want to spend your life. If your kids, your career, or other things give you happiness, then choose them. Put them on the top of your list. This is your life, so the decision must be yours. Whatever things bring a smile to your face, do that only. Do the thing that you want to do. Then the rest of the things will sit in place. So discover your priority. And the rest of the things will automatically follow.

STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE-Little bit of risk is needed to be involved in your life. This is why because you will never give importance to smooth of your lives unless you experience the roughness. Take a risk in your life, otherwise, you are going to get anything in your life. You need to learn to live life. Come out from your comfort shell. In the comfort zone, you will never be going to experience your potential and your happiness. Stagnation can pull you down. So step out. Stretch the professional and personal graph towards the positive direction. You will definitely be going to do the things that you want to do in your life. But sometimes do something new. This will make you happy.

GIVE VALUE TO THOSE WHO CARES ABOUT YOU-If someone is caring for you, then you are lucky. Never do anything which can fetch out the bitterness in this relationship. Always try to appreciate them. By doing this you are actually telling them that you too love and care for them. Your body language should be like that which tells how valuable they are in your life.

ADMIRE THE PRESENT-If you are a person who lives in present, then you can only live each and every moment of your life. Get experience from the past and keep the future for doing better things. You need to be sensitive towards your environment. Always try to feel the moment. Give value to each second of life. Meditation can help you to bring beautiful ‘you’. Never forget to show your gratitude towards the people who have surrounded you, towards god, and finally towards your parents, who have given you this beautiful life.

Whatever things come into your life, accept them happily. And always try to enjoy the present moment of your life.


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