Indore – Mini Mumbai of MP

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Indore – Mini Mumbai of MP

Imagine exploring the history and parks, and tasting the wide variety of food from early in the morning till late in the night. Fantastic feeling, isn’t it? Indore, located in Madhya Pradesh, is one such city that is the perfect travel location for a foodie. From the authentic Indian delicacies to the taste of different parts of the world, you will be exhausted to explore the food here.

Well connected to the rest of the major cities like Mumbai and Delhi, reaching this place is easy with the help of train, bus, or even by air. With the historical monuments, vibrant bazaars, and utmost tasty food, the list of things to explore and visit in Indore is never-ending. Not only this, if you wish to have an adrenaline rush in your veins, then try some outdoor fun activities at the amusement parks.

The best part of visiting this city is its cleanliness. Being awarded as the cleanest city under the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, thrice in a row, this city even offers the blissful view of the decorated walls. So, let us explore the city and plan out an itinerary covering the beauty of this city.

Explore the Places

The city holds breathtaking views of temples, monuments, parks, zoo, market, and even the food outlets, you can explore the infinite places. Some of the unique locations to visit here are:

  • Lalbagh Palace

The reflection of the lifetime and history of Holkars is Lalbagh at Indore. The interiors resembling the Palace of Versailles adorned with marbles and Belgian windows, this palace is a perfect example of neo-classical architecture. Visit and explore the palace at free of cost.

  • Rajwada Palace and market

Positioned in the heart of the busiest market of Rajwada offering everything from books to clothes and a lot, this palace is the second example of the greatness of Holkar dynasty. Sustained by the fire incident thrice, this palace stands tall with a beautiful garden and a fountain. Explore this palace as it is a perfect blend of Mughal, Maratha, and French architectural styles.

  • Kaanch Mandir

Located in the busy Khajuri bazaar, this is a 100-year-old Jain temple. The peculiarity is it is purely made of glass. With subtle ornamentation gracing glass panels and mosaics, this temple is amazingly soothing.

  • Annapurna Mandir

The 9th-century beautiful mandir located on another busy street of Indore, this temple is dedicated to Shiva, Kala Bhairava, and Hanuman. With the ornate elephants standing tall at the entrance, the scene depicted is mythological and blissful.

  • Bada Ganapati and Khajrana Ganesha Temples

The two most famous Ganesh Temples located in Indore are worth offering your prayers. With the elegant statue of Ganesha, pilgrims offer their prayers and seek their blessings from almighty here.

  • Sarafa and 56 Dukan

Are you a foodie? Do you wish to tickle your tastebuds? Then explore the food at Sarafa and 56 Dukan. With the authentic taste and reasonable prices, you will be amazed to see the variety of food and the crowd. From as early as 6 in the morning to late at night, you can satisfy your cravings here.

  • Pipliyapala Regional Park

The lush green park with the small waterway is one place offering peace and calmness from the noise of the city. The musical fountain show that starts in the evening creating hues of blue-green in water, the evening walks here are blissful at a nominal fee. Stretched in length, exploring this park with the picturesque location of Shamyana is fantastic.

  • Nearby Gems

Apart from exploring the city places, there are a few gems nearby that are worth visiting. Within the range of a few kilometres, exploring these places is not tiresome. Also, with the facility of booking a Zoom car, you can easily explore the places at your comfort.:

  • Patalpani waterfall
  • Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Janapav Kuti
  • Gomatgiri
  • Omkareshwar
  • Maheshwar 
  • Mandu  
  • Amusement Parks

If you are looking for some adrenaline rush or just willing to have some amusement, these places are perfect for visiting:

  • Crescent Water Park
  • Nakhrali Dhani
  • Safari Adventure Park
  • Tafreeh Agropark


Let’s Plan The Trip

To explore the beauty of Indore, even a short 3-5 day trip is sufficient. But if you are looking for some enhanced fun, then plan out a 7-8 days trip and collect all the memories. Being a city with well-connected transportation, moving around will not be trouble at all.

Day1 :

Start your day with the breakfast of authentic Poha and jalebi at 56 Dukan. Explore the Lalbagh Palace, Annapurna Temple, and Bada Ganpati. To tickle your taste buds try the delicacies at Apna Sweets.

Day 2:

Visit Khajarana Temple to start your day and move to Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary. Have your evening at the blissful Janapav Kuti.

Day 3;

Let this day be for Rajwada. Explore the Palace, Krishnapura Chhatri, the market, and Kaanch Mandir. If you prefer to spend your dusk at the Pipliyapala Regional Park and return to Sarafa at around nine at night. The market is now all open to offer your lip-smacking delicacies like Dahi-vada, bhutte ka kiss, sandwich, pizza, pani-puri, jaleba, rabari, gulab jamun, and a lot more. Guess what you can eat till midnight and even late and the lanes will still be flooded with the crowd.

Day 4:

Visit the Patalpani Waterfall in the morning. On your return, explore the culture of malwa at the Nakhrali Dhani. A whole day trip to this place is amazingly beautiful. Remember to have some space in your stomach while you eat as ‘Manvar’ to eat a laddoo will make you overwhelmingly fill.

Day 5:

Visit Gomatgiri to offer your prayers to the 21-foot statue of Gomateshwara and explore the 24 temples dedicated to the 24 Tirthankaras. For the rest of the day book your visit either to Crescent Water Park or Safari Adventure Park.

Day 6:

Explore the beautiful Omkareshwar Jyotirlinga on the Om Shaped Island of Omkareshwar in the Narmada river. It is going to be a day trip.

Day 7:

Plan a day trip to the quaint town Maheshwar on the banks of Narmada.

Day 8:

Explore the ancient town of Mandu with the fortress enclosed by the breathtaking view of temples, mosques, and palaces, in a day trip.

Wrap Up

The town is clean and neat. With the budget-friendly travel options, the city is one with the most charming people. With the enhanced list of places to explore and visit, the Indore is breathtaking and beautiful.

To tickle your taste buds and explore the heritage, plan your trip to Indore today!

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