4 Reasons Why you Should Write in Cursive

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4 Reasons Why you Should Write in Cursive

Many of us have questions about cursive writing but main question, is this really important to write everything in cursive?

Well we can’t answer in a single word because every state has their own rules in the education field . In one hand in many states students are able to write cursive in examination and even in some States cursive writing is compulsory.

On the other hand, in some States cursive writing is not allow to use in the examination. In such a state, students are not able to write in cursive style because from their birth they are learning others styles of writing. At the end, it will be your decision that ‘ I should learn cursive or not’?

Those students who are now able to write in cursive style then definitely, you should continue your journey with cursive and those who are not able to write in cursive then in this article , we are going to learn 4 Reasons Why you Should Write in Cursive.

Researches about why to write in cursive

  • According to study about cursive writing, those students who are now 15 year old, they should practice of writing at least 15 minutes every to improve reading and writing skills. Psychology today found that, students who are were able to write faster and by generating new ideas while writing essay, they were writing by hand verse with keyboard.
  • According to them, writing helps the brain to visualize things.
  • writing helps to arrange all information in a systematic way.
  • Helps the brain to activate some particular region of mind but this region can’t activate while typing.

4 Reasons Why you Should Write in Cursive

Cursive writing is an art.

Cursive is faster than print.

Your writing can impress someone.

Cursive writing is an historical tradition.

  1. Cursive writing is an art – If you want to become a writer and you are doing practice of writing cursive then it is not your lost. Writing is a skill that you are learning.
  2. Cursive writing is faster than print – It takes less time to write in cursive rather than other any method. In this style, you want to attach every alphabet in word at the end you are spending less time to write down every sentence comparing to other styles.
  3. Cursive writing can impress someone – Generally, professional greetings and other cards are written in cursive style. Even, if you are not able to write in cursive don’t worry it’s quite easy, you want to start practicing it definitely one day you will be able to impress someone by your greeting.
  4. Cursive writing is a historical tradition – Cursive writing is started from Europe. Even, ‘cursive’ word is come from an Italian word ‘cursivo’ which means running. After the Italy cursive writing is started spreading in the England and some other states. According to a research, In 16th century, England started writing official documents by cursive style.

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