What is Ectropion

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What is ectropion?
And what are the clinical manifestation can occur because of it? 

Ectropion is one of problem in which the eyelid is turning out of the eyelid (usually the lower eyelid) so that the inner surface is exposed. 

What is the etiology of Ectropion? 
Ectropion causes because of the aging process and because of the weakness of the connective tissue of the eyelid, which causes the lid to turn out. There are some causes because of that it occurs.

1. It can occur before birth 
2. It can cause because of facial pulse. 
3.It can cause because of scar tissue from burns. 

What is clinical manifestation may cause because of it? 

1. Because of the ectropion the dry, painful eyes may seem. 
2. The epiphora may cause, excess tearing of the eye may cause because of it. 
3.Because of the Ectropion the eyelid turns outside. 
4. The ectropion can cause long term conjunctivitis. 
5. Because of ectropion Keratitis may occur. 
6. The ectropion the redness of lid and white part of the eye may occur. 

What are the duty of nursing management to prevent it? 

1. The nurse should assess the general conditions of the client. 
2. The nurse should provide topical or systemic antibodies to the client as prescribed by physician. 
3. The nurse should teach client to take vitamin -A rich diet to reduce some extent of blurred vision. 
4. The nurse should teach the client regarding symptoms such as redness of the eye lid. 
5. The nurse should teach the client to wash his or her eyes to keep the eyes clean. 
6. The nurse should do the physical examination. 
7. The nurse should advise the client to use artificial tears or lubricating ointment may prevent corneal complications.
8. The nurse should teach the client to instill prescribed eye drops to prevent long term or chronic conjunctivitis and Keratitis. 

What are the complications of the Ectropion? 

Because of the ectropion the corneal abrasions and corneal ulcers and eye infections may occur. And it is very complicated. 

Prevention of this Ectropion: – Most of the time the ectropion is preventable. Medically lubricating ointment may prevent corneal complications.

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