Conversation with A Stranger

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Conversation with A Stranger

Every day is a new beginning and full of adventure. Social media like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, Tumblr etc. have reduced distance in terms of connectivity.

Rita wanted to know about drone toys and started searching over the social media. In India the ready to fly drone toys cannot be imported as it needs a wireless planning and commission(wpc) certificate.

Rita found a contact at Instagram who pursued drone flying as a hobby. She also got his number from Instagram.

Initially she was a bit reluctant to call but after a thought of five minutes she wondered “Well I have nothing to lose. At the maximum, the stranger may not take the call or reply.

But at least I will have the satisfaction that I have tried”. She called. Someone picked up the phone. She said “Well I have got to know that you fly drones. I have an enquiry and wanted to speak to you. Is it the right time to talk?”.

David replied “Oh yes you can speak to me”. He then asked “Where did you get the number from?”. She replied “I was searching for a drone flyer and found your profile at Instagram. The account had a number associated with it”.

He said “I just wanted to know whether you have come through a reference”. She replied “No I don’t have any reference”. He then asked her “What is your name and where do you stay?”. Rita gave her whereabouts and asked the process of wpc.

He said “If you are associated with a school or college you can get a letter on the letterhead of school/college and submit.” She asked him “Do you make drones?”. He said “I get the parts and put them together to pursue my hobby”.

She replied “Well I know I am a stranger but can you give me your wpc?”. He replied “Why should I do it for you? Also, I don’t have a wpc. I am a certified drone flier”. She then said “No issues. Can you make the drone toy with the parts?

I have a model which I haven’t been able to find anywhere in the country?”. He asked “How many pieces do you need?”. She replied “Two, I have to give it to someone”. I have shared the model and specifications to you. David then asked “What is the purpose?”. She replied it is for the children of the family so that they can play with it.

He was so confused but replied “Just give me some time. Will find out whether this can be made and whether parts are available in the region.” She said “Please take your time.

Thank you for the time.” She then hung up. She was happy that the stranger had answered her questions. She was also highly hopeful that the stranger would definitely revert back.

Her wait for the toy has begun…

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