In search of peace

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In search of peace

We all are seeking of the peace, 

But where this has been hidden, we didn’t see it anywhere … 

You were thinking that one day you will find this peace when you will conquer everything, 

When you will get everything then you can find the peace, 

You were leaving many cities in search of peace, 

This is a new place, 

This sky is also new, 

You also tried to fly to get the peace but after some time you were tired, 

This new attempt gave you many things but without peace, 

But this attempt gave you new destination, 

You again thought that if you will fly you will be able to find the peace where you saw a glimpse of this peace, 

This is a long journey, 

But it is a curious step, 

Finally, you find the peace, which was in front of you, 

You were very happy that you was able to find peace but you was unable to realize it, 

But Why darkness prevails here? 

Let’s distribute the peace, 

I am not too bad, 

 Then sun rises, 

But no one was there without me, 

But there was a mirror, and, in that mirror, there was some letters, 

That letters was laughing and that letters which consists the word peace which was telling with smiling that I was always with you. 

Then I was thinking that was it within me? 

Was I wrong? 

Did I spend the rest of my life in search of peace? 

That peace is now telling me that why are you fighting with yourself? 

 You got everything what you wanted. 

Now listen what I am telling you. 

In the race here nobody searches me, 

Gave names of mine but no one search me, 

I was always inside everyone, but nobody can find me, 

Now you close your eyes and smiles, and search me I was always inside you also, 

Now take a breath and search me you will be able to find me…. 

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